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Samantha Savage Smith Announces New Album “Fake Nice” & Shares New Single “Spun Out”

March 16, 2022
 Samantha Savage Smith (and Chester), credit: Heather Saitz

Samantha Savage Smith

Announces new album, Fake Nice
Out 22nd April on Saved By Vinyl

Shares new single, “Spun Out”

UK tour dates in May inc. FOCUS Wales, London & Manchester

Samantha Savage Smith is a steadfast creator of glistening dreamy-indie-pop songs. Distinctly establishing herself (and her voice) with her previous two albums, Tough Cookie (2009) and Fine Lines (2015), Samantha returns in control and fully in her element on new album, Fake Nice which is a shimmering collection of multi-hued songs brought to life by Smith and co-producer Chris Dadge (Alvvays, Chad Van Gaalen).

Recorded at Child Stone Studio in Calgary, Fake Nice will be released on April 22, 2022 via Saved By Vinyl, and Samantha reveals a second song from the album; the mesmerizing Spun Out – a track Samantha light-heartedly calls her, drunk and depressed Disney princess’ song.

samanthasavagesmith · Spun Out

Immediately the tones cascade across the dreamy landscape pushing an intensity through the course of the beats, whilst the melodic rhythm brings this enchanting flow to the ensemble. When Samantha joins the atmosphere with this uplifting, ethereal vocal harmony and dynamic range. The sweeter singing just carries you with such ease throughout the exploration.

The swooning melodies lift the intricate creation, as additional tweaks and tones join the ambitious landscape, Samantha proudly showcases this expansive and expressive ambiance. Built upon layers of endlessly hypnotic passages, hazy guitar tones, and the undeniably intoxicating energy from the raw lyrics and delicate harmonies. The tender lyrics of this creation establish such compelling influence as the listener embraces the affection that Samantha channels within the notes. A track that leaves this remarkable imprint, the stirring sensation stays with the audience.

Samantha explains, “I came home one day to find my partner welled up from reading a short story by Larry Brown from his book ‘Face The Music.’ He told me that it was the story of a man finally giving up on his perpetually relapsing partner. I couldn’t actually bring myself to read the story, because if he was teary-eyed (which is rare), I knew I would be an absolute basket case. His description of it really got to me, and in some ways I connected to it through my own nagging – albeit irrational – fear that I harbour, one where my own partner would give up on me if I was ever going through an emotional or mental rough patch. Not that he has, or would, but I was just in a vulnerable state.”

While Fake Nice is once again centred around Samantha’s crystalline vocals and distinct brand of songwriting, it reveals an even more personal and uncompromising vision from Samantha Savage Smith – the result of her digging further into the production process, getting her hands dirtier than ever before. This extends all the way from penning the bulk of the material on the record, to racking up more instrumental credits than ever and getting deep into the mixing process – there is nothing on this album that shouldn’t be there.

Her live band is comprised of the cream of Calgary’s ever-ripe music community (including members of Polydactic, Sunglaciers & Lab Coast) and have shared stages with the likes of Cate Le Bon, M Ward, Hayden, Couer de Pirate, and Basia Bulat.

UK Live Dates: 

May 5 – FOCUS Wales, Wrexham (12pm GlyndwrTV, filmed session @ Glyndwr University Campus)

May 6 – FOCUS Wales, Wrexham – Ty Pawb 

May 7 – FOCUS Wales, Wrexham – The Parish

May 8 – Manchester, UK @ Fuel*

May 9 – Nottingham, UK @ JT Soar*

May 10 – Oxford, UK @ Divine Schism*

May 11 – London, UK @ Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes*

* supporting Garden Centre


1. Fake Nice
2. Quickly
3. Sunset Rip
4. In It To Win
5. Spun Out
6. Wholesomely Made
7. Drop
8. ESGGallin
9. Different
10. Siren

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