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Poorly Drawn House Release New EP “Home Doesn’t Have Four Walls”- Out Now via Candlepin Records

March 8, 2022

Poorly Drawn House Releases New EP “Home Doesn’t Have Four Walls”

Out now via Candlepin Records

Poorly Drawn House are a trio that began in 2018 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The band is a three-piece experimental rock band consisting of members Anthony Gansauer (vocals, guitar), David Gansauer (bass), and Christian Adrian (drums, guitar).

Poorly Drawn House are described as founding their origins in slowcore and have molded their sound with slow melodies and a pervasive feeling of melancholia. The band aims to paint a subtle, reminiscent picture of dissociation through the distant sounds of clarinets, guitars, strings, and horns—embracing the autumn nights through poetry and tone.

At the end of February, Poorly Drawn House unveiled their new 7 track record “Home Doesn’t Have Four Walls” which is out via Candlepin Records. The entire record offers this creative collaboration of intricate pathways, abrasive crashes, and this distinct distance that floors you, this outfit really has embellished the best of their surroundings, a product of their environment, of which has been flawlessly captured within their new release.

Throughout each of the 7 tracks, Poorly Drawn House embarks on this unpredictable but extremely vital voyage, flowing throughout such soft, calming passages to some almighty clashes. The audience is never truly at ease within the first listen for the capricious sound design can alter the atmosphere at any given moment, the constant being the soundbite of nature rearing its head.  The trio simultaneously delivers a record that is spacious and intricate. 7 tracks that highlight something so thoughtful and then forthright in its immense execution.

Poorly Drawn House has this formidable attraction to their creations, they capture such character within their body of work. That character adds to the explosive energy caught with ease. As well as the defining energy present throughout, the raw tonality from the trio exudes this comforting warmth, a familiar essence that draws you in. From that warmth, the reassuring attribute of space which is intellectually weaved throughout the entire journey, that space coaxing the moodiness and darker, stirring emotions. The addition of delicate vocal notes gently meanders through the most notably ambient landscape, enriched with the jazz rhythms and surge of industrial crescendos, the volatile drum shuffles, and precise cymbal clashes. This is a work of art. Something otherwordly. Worthwhile and eccentric.

The enthralling record is out now.

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