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Palm Friends Share New Single “Light Pink” – New EP “The Delivery” Out 24th March via Forged Artifacts

March 22, 2022

Palm Friends

Share new single “Light Pink”

New EP “The Delivery” due March 24th 2022
Out via Forged Artifacts

Minneapolis-based quartet, Palm Friends are today sharing “Light Pink”, the final advance single to be lifted from their forthcoming EP, The Delivery which is set for release this Thursday, March 24 via Forged Artifacts. The group has found support for this EP so far from the likes of Under The Radar,FLOOD, The Alternative, Mindies, Here Comes The Flood and more. The new EP, mixed and mastered by Ben Etter (Deerhunter, Cate Le Bon) follows the band’s 2019 debut EP, Nice Weather.

Palm Friends first came together as a means of healing. After his brother passed away, guitarist and singer Jesse Pedersen moved from New York back home to Minnesota to be with his family. As part of the grieving process, he called up some of his high school friends and asked if they wanted to start a band. With Jon Lindquist on drums, Will Burnton on bass and Jesse on guitar and vocals, the band quickly recorded their debut EP. The result was an ebullient indie rock six-song burst, the sound of a band in its early stages having a blast together. Soon after, Shawnna Stennes joined, and the final Palm Friends lineup was solidified.

“Light Pink” begins with the raw notes which shape the compelling atmosphere. The delicate vocal harmonies swirl amongst the intricate landscape adding this dreamy touch before the fierce punch beat brings this invasive intensity to the creation. The vocals showcase this dynamic and flawless range, oozing affection and adding to the mesmeric atmosphere that Palm Friends has created. The rhythmic passages resonate with this melancholic charm, emphasized with the tones and the looping melody which becomes the ultimate pull to this lasting creation.

The band wrote most of The Delivery together over quarantine before recording in three ten-hour sessions at The Terrarium in Minnesota. The result is a truly collaborative effort, on a songwriting level but then also on a deeper, emotional level. As a songwriting duo, Jesse and Shawnna play off of each other’s strengths, from Jesse’s indie rock songcraft to Shawnna’s warm yet melancholic lyrics but as a full group, this is really a collaboration centered around healing and friendship.

New single and EP-standout, “Light Pink” is a wistful remembrance of falling in love with someone so slowly and easily that you don’t realize how deeply you’ve fallen till you look up. Over raindrop-like guitars and swirling piano by Pat Horigan, Shawnna sings, “Warm me up like butter in a pan on low heat/Hardly noticed now I’m in deep.”

‘Light Pink’ is the best case of the whole band coming together,” says Jesse. “When I first wrote the guitar part, it was a much different song. Then everyone brought their own thing to it. It’s the most collaborative song we have and my favorite on the album.” Shawnna continues to say: “This song is about falling in love with someone so slowly and easily that you don’t realize it until it’s big and it’s deep and you’ve found yourself in a pool of warm butter.”

You can pre-order The Delivery by Palm Friends at this link

Palm Friends
The Delivery
March 24, 2022

1. Hidden Perks
2. Light Pink
3. Quarter Century
4. Mile End
5. Devotion
6. Domino


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