October And The Eyes Shares New Video For “Spiral”

March 9, 2022
Photo credit: Erika Denis Febles

October And The Eyes Shares New Video For “Spiral”

After recently releasing her new single via KRO Records, New Zealand-born, London-based singer & songwriter October and the Eyes is sharing her new video for “Spiral” and will be on tour this week with Yves Tumor with shows in London, Brighton, Manchester & Leeds.

Speaking about the video, October said “I worked closely with my good friend and flatmate Max McLachlan to come up with the concept of the video. I liked the idea of the camera being in constant rotation, speeding up over time to create a sense of disorientation and nausea while dipping and re-emerging between to parallel worlds. There’s two versions of myself in the video – this strong, assured, almost domineering presence, and then there’s this wounded, lost, animalistic version – both of which I’ve often felt like I pendulum between”

These fierce and intense piercing tones chime immediately and share how raw this piece is, the array of brash, angular attributes commence this mighty ensemble. The complex low-end breaks through this already expansive wall of sound to bring yet another layered density to the track. October and The Eyes have this flawless ability to create such colossal landscapes, crafted from the get-go, the expansive world is enough to captivate. When the delicate, lustrous vocals join the exploration and soar above the crushing tones, that’s when you appreciate how volatile this immersive experience is.

Spiral” brings that song title to life within its hypnotic spiral-like rhythms which loop throughout and create this addictive influence. As the abrasive course takes on more power, the track transitions to allow psych tendencies to provoke the journey and leave such a lasting impression.

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