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FoxSleep Release New Single “What It Always Comes Back To” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club | Single Feature

March 8, 2022

FoxSleep Release New Single “What It Always Comes Back To” 

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

To welcome the return of Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club for 2022, the first single to be released today, March 8th is that of the creative outfit FoxSleep. FoxSleep is described as a crafter of jazz-steeped indie-folk and alt-rock, hailing from Swansea, FoxSleep is the moniker of Jason Morgan.

What It Always Comes Back To” is described as a fine demonstration of Jason’s intuitive songwriting and compositional intelligence: driven by a minimalist rolling drum beat while acoustic guitars and explorative piano blend jazz chords into folk-pop, the stage is set for his crafted lyricism, punctuated by chromatic vocal-violin harmonies.

The punchy drum shuffles initiate the upbeat proceedings for the exploration. A composition that captures intricate musicality, creating a single that is as intense as it is uplifting. Immediately the audience embraces the shimmering melody and this vibrant journey allows FoxSleep to press on folk influence as well as this courageous pop-inspired experimental side. The instrumentation showcases this array of rich textures and mesmeric rhythms.

The upbeat tempo, sincere shuffles, and elevated tones allow this hazy, somewhat sun-dappled charm to ooze across the exploration. The emotion cascades from the honeyed vocals and raw lyrics adding this contrast to the overall affection that bounces from this buoyant release. FoxSleep has created this ensemble with a distinctly immersive atmosphere, capturing the best qualities of a classic folk hit, FoxSleep has started 2022 off with this anthemic piece of the highest quality.

“What It Always Comes Back To” is out now via Rose Parade Recording Co., listen here.



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