Baby Dave (aka Slaves’ Frontman Isaac Holman) Shares New Single and Video “29”

March 27, 2022
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Baby Dave (aka Slaves’ frontman Isaac Holman) shares a new single and video ‘29 ‘, and announces his forthcoming debut album Monkey Brain. The new album features contributions from Damon Albarn, and will be released independently on Friday, April 22nd. Despite being sonically disparate to Slaves, listeners will recognise Holman’s signature charisma and candidness permeating the Baby Dave project, this time channelled into expressing his personal quirks and anxieties. Baby Dave will play a sold-out headline show on album release day at Tunbridge Wells Forum, before joining the line-up for DIY Magazine’s ‘DIY Alive’ festival in London the following day, dates below. 

Baby Dave captivates your attention with the grimey, chunky beats that start to build the immersive atmosphere. Then the lyrics add this personal touch to the creation, despite telling a visual story the tone establishes this relaxed feel, nothing too serious as the hypnotic passages cascade across the ample ambiance. Baby Dave creates this consuming, playful vibe. Baby Dave cultivates this free-ing sensation within the track, boundaries are diminished.

‘29’ is an unexpectedly arresting track, penned during an ordinary bus ride, with Isaac’s inner monologue overlaying a captivating drum loop. Holman shares; There really isn’t much of a story behind this tune, but that’s kind of the whole point. It’s about an uneventful bus journey from Brighton to Tunbridge Wells with my mate Lucy. I had my laptop with me and I decided to challenge myself to make a tune on the journey. This is that tune, about that journey.”

The Monkey Brain album emerged in the wake of a particularly tough period of mental health for Holman. A world away from the blitz and bluster of his time in the punk duo, Holman found himself back living with his parents. This experience of feeling unmoored to his former life was only further exacerbated by the lockdown. Initially written from his childhood bedroom, these songs began as nothing more than a steadying exercise for Holman. This small act gave him a sense of purpose, and allowed him to make the steps toward a new reality. He took a job as a gardener, moved to a small flat near to his family home, and began to record there. As Holman’s world expanded again, so too did the songs, and it was the support of Damon Albarn which gave him the confidence to share them wider. Across Monkey Brain’s 12 tracks, we see Isaac Holman come into his own in real time, and Baby Dave is born. 

In Isaac’s words “Monkey Brain is collection of tunes written from shortly after a debilitating mental breakdown at the start of 2019, up until now. Around half of the tunes on the record co-produced by Damon Albarn who also plays various instruments throughout. I don’t know where this project would be if it wasn’t for him and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and observe his wizardry. It was a proper game changer for me. Thank you for your patience, it shouldn’t have taken this long but ongoing issues with my mental health have made putting this record together incredibly challenging. Here we are though, we got there in the end. Can’t wait for you lot to hear it.”

Baby Dave live dates:

22 April | Tunbridge Wells | The Forum  *SOLD OUT*

23 April | London | DIY Alive festival

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