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A Forest Man & The Elements Share First Single and Video “Invisible” | Single Feature

March 23, 2022
Christophe Girard-Berthet

A Forest Man & The Elements Share First Single and Video “Invisible”

Introducing A Forest Man And The Elements. Following a solo debut in the folk genre, the new outfit with the full band allows a new art-form to produce some of the most infectious ensembles.

Described as A Forest Man surrounding himself with The Elements, while making anew skin. Plugged-in amps, added drums : tenfold emotion!

A Forest Man & The Elements embody four separate entities in various environments. Each member is engaged in a journey with a common outcome: the reunion of water, earth, fire and air. Whether it is a chance meeting or a voluntary one, each will make their own interpretation. Still, A Forest Man & The Elements assert their will of gathering, whereas the return to a normal life is still timid.

The new track “Invisible“, out today, allows this newcomer to embrace the French rock scene and cement a strong fan foundation. Boldy offers this immersive debut which is a teaser of the forthcoming EP which will follow.

“Invisible” immediately builds this intricate landscape, flourishing on the darker tonality on offer throughout. The notes cascade through this volatile atmosphere, the drum shuffles and prominent beat join the structure, the fuzz-fuelled passages soar, the complex bass low-end adds this almighty depth to the exploration. The vocal harmonies float above the intensive layout and bring this distinct raw, rough, yet personal touch to the fierce release.

Not only does A Forest Man & The Elements embrace this influence of melancholy which shimmers through the tones, but the darker attributes also resonate with this post-punk, grunge commitment. A nod to these early 90’s genres contributes to the insatiable energy on offer throughout this creation. A striking debut from an act that allows this fearless affection to echo their vision and recorded ensemble.

The new video, featured above, which accompanies the single has been created by the band, complimenting their DIY ethos.

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