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P.E. Share “Tears In The Rain” with Parquet Courts’ A. Savage – “The Leather Lemon” LP Out March 25th on Wharf Cat Records

February 17, 2022
Alec Pugliese

P.E. Share “Tears In The Rain” with Parquet Courts’ A. Savage
The Leather Lemon LP Out March 25th on Wharf Cat Records

Formed by the members of the beloved and now defunct New York post-punk band Pill and their NYC underground peers EatersP.E. have been trafficking in boundary-pushing, dystopian grooves since the release of their mesmerizing first single “Top Ticket” in 2019. Collaborating with artists like Parquet CourtsXiu Xiu and Liars, the band have developed a growing cult following that has continued expanding as they come to broader attention with the release of their first LP Person, in 2020 and last year’s The Reason For My Love EP, which have earned praise from outlets like StereogumBrooklynVeganBandcampThe Guardian (who had the EP’s title track on their 2021 Best Songs You Haven’t Heard list) and Pitchfork (who had the EP on their list of Great Records From 2021 You May Have Missed).

Last month, the band announced their latest LP The Leather Lemon which will be released on the buzzing Brooklyn label Wharf Cat Records (Palberta, Water From Your Eyes, Lily Konigsberg) on March 25th, and now they are sharing a second single from the record called “Tears In The Rain”, that features and was co-written with A. Savage of Parquet Courts.

Tears In The Rain” almost immediately develops this insatiable atmosphere thanks to the array of sweeping and intricate textures which build the structure of this ensemble. When the dual vocals collide and compliment, layering across one another and both bringing in distinct melodies into the innovative creation. All of these attributes contribute to the immersive and altering vibe that emits from the release, the audience will be affected by this mood which soon becomes addictive to emerge within. Sweeping in soundbites that bring a personal connection into the center of the arrangement.

The relationship with Parquet Courts and P.E. goes back a long way,” Savage explains. “I put out both of the bands that combined to make P.E. (Pill and Eaters) on my label Dull Tools, and both groups Parquet Courts has toured with. Also Jonny Schenke engineered several PC records. We’re old friends. [Singer] Veronica [Torres] asked if I would be into doing a duet with her. I was pretty blown away when Campolo sent me the music — the rain, the long beautiful Ben Jaffe sax solo. It all sort of had this lonely noir mood to it. The lyrics are vocal melody came pretty quickly. Veronica and I wrote each other’s lyrics and did cold takes of them in the studio. That day was a blast, we shared a lot of laughs and the energy was great. We’ve performed it a few times together last October when PC and PE toured together, every night was really special. I’m really proud of this one.”

“Tears In The Rain” was special to us from its inception – a live recording based around samples of Jonny Campolo at the piano and Ben Jaffe’s incredible one-take tenor saxophone performance,” 
adds Torres. “It was Andrew that helped us see it through in the studio, driving the troubadour style feel of the song. He and I wrote lyrics side-by-side and for one another, intensifying the surreality of the instrumental and stretching it far beyond the classic “call and response” duet format. The result is the most tender song on the record, one we are all proud of for the way it has altered the perception and possibilities of the project.”

To celebrate the album’s release the band have just announced a Brooklyn release show that will take place at Union Pool on March 23rd and will also feature A. Savage as a DJ and support from Pop 1280. Tickets are available to purchase here.

P.E.‘s sophomore album, The Leather Lemon (Wharf Cat Records, out March 25, 2022), ushers in a new era for the New York band. A wild ride through chewy bubblegum pop, sweeping synthetic orchestrations, and mutant club beats, the album slides ever closer to the fully-realized pop sensibility only winked at with their debut album Person (2020) and subsequent releases. 

Digging into mystery, romance, and sex appeal with The Leather Lemon, the group — composed of members of Pill (Mexican Summer/Dull Tools) and Eaters (Dull Tools/Driftless) — centers its sound within a Bermuda Triangle of dance music, electronic composition, and experimental rock. Members Jonathan Schenke, Bob Jones, and Jonny Campolo play within pop parameters, building upon free-form collaboration to create a fluorescent groove machine that harnesses the energy of their frenetic live shows. Singer Veronica Torres explores her softer side, expanding her vocal repertoire from spoken word and jagged growls to cherubic and sensuous psalms. Sax virtuoso Benjamin Jaffe’s chiseled experimental tone is heard in an extended solo of true romance in “Tears in the Rain,” a somber surrealist duet penned by Torres and Andrew Savage, singer/guitarist of Parquet Courts

Recorded primarily at Schenke’s Studio Windows in Brooklyn, NY, The Leather Lemon was cultivated from a fertile creative period between spring 2020 and summer 2021, which also yielded 2021’s acclaimed The Reason For My Love EP, of which Pitchfork writes: 

    The quintet refines their impulses on their 2020 debut Person and transforms them into a body-moving EP. The jittery electronics are still there, but the drum cuts feel sharper and lighter, bringing a sense of structure to what could easily be shapeless. Vocalist Veronica Torres abandons spoken-word and leans fully into singing about poetry, beauty, and the contours of the body. Her lovely vocal stretches fill up the space once occupied by industrial bass drops. Sensuality suits them well.

The Leather Lemon is a reckoning record for the times; an album of psychedelic resurfacing, real-time response to world events, and soft, sympathetic magic. This is a collection of songs shaped by five individuals who embrace music-making as a way to center themselves in times of uncertainty; it’s resilience and imagination given shape. The Leather Lemon is a true sweet-and-sour listening experience, an album as bright and clear as it is fractured and fun. Get turned UP and ON with the electrifying new lemon drop from P.E.! 

The Leather Lemon will be released on Wharf Cat Records on March 25th. It is available for preorder here.

1. Blue Nude (Reclined)
2. Contradiction of Wants
3. Lying With The Wolf
4. The Leather Lemon
5. Tears In The Rain (feat. A. Savage)
6. The Reasons For My Love
7. Magic Hands
8. New Kind of Zen
9. 86ed
10. Majesty


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