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Jane Inc. Shares New Single “Contortionists” and Announces New Album “Faster Than I Can Take” due April 22nd via Telephone Explosion Records

February 20, 2022
Shelby Fenlon

Jane Inc.

Shares new single “Contortionists”

Announces new album “Faster Than I Can Take” April 22, 2022
via Telephone Explosion Records

Toronto-based artist, Jane Inc., the solo project of Carlyn Bezic who is also known for her work as part of U.S. GirlsIce Cream and Darlene Shrugg is returning with her new single/video, “Contortionists.” 

The new track comes in tandem with word of Bezic’s second album, Faster Than I Can Take – out April 22 via Telephone Explosion Records (Mas Aya, Dorothea Paas, Scott Hardware) – which follows hot on the heels of her critically-acclaimed debut, Number One that found fans last year at Pitchfork “dazzling… [Bezic] proves herself a musical Swiss Army knife, capable of anything and revelling in her multiplicity,” Paste, Brooklyn Vegan (Album of the Week), Bandcamp Daily (Album of the Day), FLOOD, NPR, The Line of Best Fit, BBC 6 Music, KEXP and more.

Immediately minimalist details emerge and yet intricately build the swooping mood for this release. The minimalism attributes allow the most essential notes to form and pull the audience into this trance-like state. The array of decadent textures enhances the soulful vocal harmony that brings with it emotion and power, introducing these two elements into the vision. As the tempo intensifies and additional layers built into the soundscape, the audience feels the energy burst with the upbeat guitar strokes and this mighty tone. The rhythm is the addictive catalyst to the ensemble and as this melodious movement progresses with this disco influence, Jane Inc. produces the most atmospherical arrangement with this alluring hook and addictive complexities.

Making the impossible look easy has always been Bezic’s musical M.O. With Faster Than I Can Take, she uses all the tools at her disposal – a Prince-like ability to shred harmonic guitar riffs over deep, danceable grooves, an eagerness to experiment with form, and lyricism that seamlessly links the personal and the political – to focus the multifaceted energy of Number One into something completely singular. A disco-inflected, danceable meditation on the permeable boundaries between our interior and exterior worlds.

On lead single “Contortionists,” Bezic’s voice floats over a landscape of spare, warping synths and ethereal backing vocals from labelmate, Dorothea Paas (U.S. Girls, Badge Epoque Ensemble), seeming at first to sketch out a familiar pandemic scene: “The laws of time have changed / months pass in minutes, hours feel like days.” But as the melody begins to swirl and bend back over itself, a deeper theme creeps in. “At first I thought I was making a record about time,” Bezic explains, “but I was actually making a record about how, in moments of intense anxiety, you’re living in the past, present and future at the same time. A million moments existing at once, real and imagined.” 

Once again entirely written and self-produced by Bezic, Faster Than I Can Take marks an exciting step forward for the artist, turning the dial on the warbling synths and laser-focused guitar lines while marking a step-up in her ability to splice a playful pop chorus with a witty analysis of the complexity of existence.

Track Listing

1. Contortionists
2. Human Being
3. Picture of the Future
4. Every Rip
5. An Ordinary Thing
6. 2120
7. Faster Than I Can Take
8. Dancing With You
9. Pummelled into Sand


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