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Hatchie Shares Title Track From New Album “Giving The World Away” due April 22nd via Secretly Canadian

February 18, 2022


Shares title track from new album ‘Giving The World Away’

Hatchie has shared the title track from her forthcoming second album, Giving The World Away’, set for release on April 22nd through Secretly Canadian.
‘Giving The World Away’ shows a deeper, moodier side to the world of the Brisbane, Australia-based artist, and never-more-so than on this latest cut – a euphoric hacienda-ready track about self-destruction. “Giving The World Away’ is about being gentle with yourself in the throes of depression,” says Hatchie. “We made a simple lyric video with analogue effects to let the lyrics of the song speak for themselves.”

Hatchie is on the best form showcasing what will be one of the most influential records we are due to hear. Another track to showcase this phenomenal range this artist is bringing to the forthcoming collection. Hatchie is one of the most versatile and innovative creators out there, with the new single Hatchie, once again, devours the audience with this intense atmosphere built on the sweeping synth notes and alluring melody, met with the flawless songwriting style. The lyrics are sincerely intimate but clash with the growing intensity, the audience can embrace that affection from the mood that Hatchie has created.

‘Giving the World Away’ is an album about self-confidence, about reclamation, about the strange time in young adulthood where you begin to finally be able to see yourself clearly. Incisive and probing, ‘Giving the World Away’ is the clearest look at Pilbeam yet, and a relic of the power and bravery that spring forth from embracing vulnerability and putting your heart on the line.

‘Giving The World Away’ will be released on April 22nd on Secretly Canadian. Pre-order & pre-sale links here.

‘Giving The World Away’ tracklist:
1. Lights On
2. This Enchanted
3. Twin
4. Take My Hand
5. The Rhythm
6. Quicksand
7. Thinking Of
8. Giving The World Away
9. The Key
10. Don’t Leave Me In The Rain
11. Sunday Song
12. Til We Run Out of Air


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