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Eric Chenaux Shares “Say Laura” Video – Title Track From New Full-Length Album out Friday 18th February

February 14, 2022
Photo by © Sylvestre Nonique-Desvergnes

Eric Chenaux Shares “Say Laura” Video

The title track from his new full-length album Say Laura out this Friday 18 February

Directed by long-time video collaborator Eric Cadzyn

UK tour dates commence March 1st

There’s a special kind of magic that occurs whenever Eric Chenaux and filmmaker Eric Cadzyn collaborate. Cadzyn, who has been providing visual accompaniment to Chenaux’s tracks since 2010, has truly excelled himself with the imaginative video for the full album version of “Say Laura,” title track and centrepiece of the new album (only the abridged radio edit audio of this song shared before now).

This playful sequence with (occasionally extreme) close-up images of Chenaux are curious and compelling, sometimes in perfect harmony with the pulse and twang of the music, and at other times random. Cadzyn’s visuals are as typically atypical as the music itself. 

“Say Laura” is an immense exploration, a journey best to be embraced in all its glory from start to finish. Focussing on the experimental attributes and the raw vocal melodies. The cutting atmosphere elevates the intimacy of the lyrics and the power of this release, captured in the film above.

Artist Statement about “Say Laura”

Say Laura is the sixteenth music video from Eric Cadzyn and I.
Sweet 16!
When I think about this group of work  I think about the chance I get to encounter
the way a dear friend listens.
And how he modulates that listening into a problem.
A problem in the classic sense.
The problem being the form of music video.
And we both take on that form unapologetically.
I know they are a far cry from Beyoncé and Jay Z busting a move in the Louvre.
We are wondering how to encounter this form or propose an encounter with this form
where the image and the song can co-inhabit a space and a time without hierarchy.
Where the image and sound can share a space (perhaps differently) without short-circuiting the other. Where we get to see and hear without one sense exercising control over the other.
Most of the videos we have made (save for a couple) are one non-edited shot.
Say Laura takes a distinctively different approach, using photos (for the most part).

This is a performance video and maybe a sister video to Wild Moon,
which is a video of the performer listening and quietly singing along and dancing.
This is a video of the performer lip-syncing (different than quietly singing along, I don’t know how it is different but it is different. A different zone).
The performer closes its eyes when it is not singing (to listen to the guitar, I imagine, without having to engage with the camera).
In the stillness of the photos we see the gestures, the shapes that the mouth makes to make the different sounds.
A dance of skin, orifice (filter), teeth, tongue, lips, jaw and well, a lot of hair!
The slits, the orifices, the bends in the skin.
The humour of the grotesque of the mouth abstracted and often without context to the surrounding face. The video is a performance of the song and this is a performance video.
There is text coming out of the song onto the screen, out of sync and in sync.
There are pulses in the video: pulsing text, pulsing image, pulsing screen, flashing the beat of the song. And the video performs “Say Laura”.

– Eric Chenaux –


UK • March 2022

01.03.2022 • Glad Café, Glasgow

02.03.2022 • Burgess Foundation, Manchester

03.03.2022 • Cube Cinema, Bristol

04.03.2022 • Cafe Oto, London

05.03.2022 • Rose Hill, Brighton

06.03.2022 • venue TBC, Hastings 

Plus two shows in France in February and April:

25.02.2022 • Erquery (60), La Grange Erquery, Pass Murailles avec Mood, Golem Mécanique

13.04.2022 • Montreuil (93), Les Instants Chavirés

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