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Bandicoot Share New Live Video For “Fuzzy- ” Taken From Forthcoming 7” Vinyl Release via Libertino | Single Special

February 10, 2022

Bandicoot Release New Live Film For “Fuzzy” and Announce 7″ Vinyl Release (Sold Out) via Libertino Records

Debut Album “Black After Dark” due Friday 4th March 2022


Bandicoot’s long awaited album will be here in just under a month, “Black After Dark” is due 4th March 2022 via Libertino Records. Today the band share their new live video release of “Fuzzy”. The plugged-in version is also due to be released on limited vinyl, cut from a sparking new studio master and backed with freshly cut B-side, Monster, although the vinyl sold out in minutes its still a very exciting forthcoming record.

Bandicoot’s high-sheen drama, part-70’s tank-tops and sideburns floor-fillers and part-eyebrow-arching indie-janglers, distils and catches light spectacularly in any live venue. FUZZY’s live-version release, following acclaim for the studio-borne single, celebrates the four-piece’s commitment to, and reputation for burning down the house.

Speaking of the track, Tom Emlyn says:

“’Monster’ began as a circus sideshow, a hall of mirrors roll-call of carnival barkers, three-headed babies and bearded ladies. It made me think about the ways that society demonises those it imagines to be different. Somewhere between the first and second draft it morphed to cast light on the mundane, and the song became more subtle; fragmentary images of ill-spent evenings, haunted by the spectre of the everyday.”

Bandicoot released Fuzzy into the world last year and it blew us away. But now to see the performance live and the raw ambitious energy emit from that stage, effortlesly captured on film, you the listener are now equally part of this experience.

This boistrious fill kicks off proceedings, the impressive opener from the percussion will automatically hook your attention. The guitar riffs emit this fierce tone as the notes build up the budding structure and the rough tone itself becomes this critical component to the infectious attitude that Bandicoot conveys and captures so proudly within their vision. The vocal harmonies offer this lifting attribute soaring across the brash yet contagious textures. The guitar finds space in the arrangement to explore the soundscape and push the boundaries whilst delivering this notable solo.

As the composition keeps the intensity of the structure at an all-time high, the atmosphere embraces this sudden 50’s rock temperament infused with a slight hint of 70’s glam rock shines on the single, as this commendable resurrection rears its head and alters the power of this quick paced ferocious triumph. After 1minute 30 and bolting towards the finale, this exquisite and consuming bass tone emerges and uses their notes to push the exploration into the final few bars before the outfit unite to push all their collective energy into this explosive finale that the audience by no means was ever expecting. The colossal crescendo will leave you equally in awe and equally desperate for more.

Captured with this charm that is so distinctively Bandicoot, it’s clear from the film why this outfit are a must-see.

Be sure to save the dates of their following live shows so you can experience that magic.

Live Dates:

Thu 17 – Sun 20 Feb: Norrköping, Sweden, Future Echoes

Tue 1 Mar: London, Roundhouse

Sat 5 Mar: Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach

Sun 13 – Sun 20 Mar: Austin, Texas, SXSW

Sat 26 Mar: Laugharne, Laugharne Weekend Festival,

Fri 8 April: London, The Fiddler

Sat 16- Sun 17 April: Newport, Big Sesh

Thu 5- Sat 7 May: Wrexham, Focus Wales

Bandicoot are Rhys Underdown (guitar, vocals, saxophone and keyboards), Billy Stillman (drums), Tom Emlyn (vocals, guitar and keyboards) and Keiran Doe (bass).



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