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Abigail Lapell Shares New Single “Ships” – Taken From Upcoming LP “Stolen Time” Out April 22nd via Outside Music

February 17, 2022
Photo credit: Jen Squires

Abigail Lapell Shares New Single “Ships”

Taken From Upcoming LP “Stolen Time” Out April 22nd via Outside Music

Set for release on April 22 via Outside MusicAbigail Lapell’s third album, Stolen Time, is elemental and powerfully evocative, channeling natural imagery and the revolving seasons to take a longer look over decades and generations, ultimately delivering up the present moment the way only the best music can. Today, the Toronto based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is releasing another new track from the LP, “Ships”, a song in which opposites attract and repel again.

The song explores the insatiable, contradictory impulses that drive doomed love and other addictions: leaving versus staying, quitting versus relapsing, familiar shores and uncharted waters. Anchored by Lapell’s insistent, slightly distorted guitar riff, the song builds in dynamics with layers of vocal harmonies alongside drums (Dani Nash), bass (Dan Fortin) and guitars (Christine Bougie), sounding like a mellower Sleater-Kinney or Laura Veirs with a horn section. Sketching in waves of sunshine and shadow, the band underscores and meets the power of Lapell’s vocals, a wild sax solo seemingly enticing her higher and louder to meet the crashing waves.

Prepare to be dazzled by the power of Lapell and this intimate ensemble that oozes such power, character, and this array of immersive affection.

“Ships” is a truly adventurous arrangement that starts with sweeter and delicate melodies, light drum shuffles, and the delicate but distinct horn section noodling into the atmosphere whilst all the attention sticks to the clear lyrical path and softer harmonies. When the drum and the guitar tones abruptly shift intensity and the aggression surges to transition the journey, the intensity awakens the emotions which carry this exploration. The notes build and the power breaks through to the mighty wind instrument influence which brings this complex depth to the track.

From start to finish the intricacies of this composition hook the audience, the carefully controlled power adds this unpredictable cadence into the atmosphere and Lapell brings this captivating touch to the world created.

The new album is set to mesmerize, and if this single is your first taste of what the record will bring, you’ll be enthralled by the forthcoming collection.

01 Land Of Plenty
02 Ships
03 Pines
04 Scarlet Fever
05 All Dressed Up
06 I See Music
07 Stolen Time
08 Waterfall
09 Sewage
10 Old Flames
11 I Can’t Believe

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