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Tony Price Shares “Learning From Las Vegas” & Announces New Album Out March 11th via Telephone Explosion Records

January 15, 2022
Natalie Chahal

Tony Price

Shares “Learning From Las Vegas”

Announces new album: MARK VI – March 11, 2022
Out via Telephone Explosion Records

Esteemed Toronto producer, Tony Price – known for his production skills on breakthrough records by U.S. Girls, Young Guv, Ice Cream, Badge Époque Ensemble, Miss World, and Michael Rault –  announces his return to Telephone Explosion Records (Mas Aya, Jane Inc, Lee Paradise) with a new record, MARK VI which is out March 11, 2022. Price is sharing the news alongside the first single, “Learning From Las Vegas.”

Immediately these intoxicating rhythms take hold of the journey and pull the audience into the midst of its movement. This fruity bass end loops whilst layer upon layer of additional tones and tweaks emerge into this vast and expressive landscape which at its core boasts the most majestic and hypnotizing passages. A sonically surging ensemble with this mighty nostalgic infused big beat and this charming warmth ricocheting from every angular aspect of this creation. You’ll be hooked and need more once the track concludes. Price delves into this immersive trance-like state through the essence of this release, uniting this experimental influence with this enthralling energy.

MARK VI is the sixth full length from Mr. Price. This stretch of albums – I Prefer Coca Cola (2017), Celica Absolu (2018), 86’d (2019), La Vie (2019) and Interview/ Discount (2020) – is a masterclass in uncouth production techniques, genre-melding and sonic satire. His production expertise has played a role in the aforementioned breakthrough albums as well as work on other releases from 4AD, Capitol Records, Burger Records, DFA, Slumberland, Run For Cover and more. In 2017 he founded Maximum Exposure, a  record label and creative services unit tasked with providing top-notch knob-twiddling to the musical underground of the 2020s.  

The new record from Price brings with it an interesting story. Towards the end of 2020, Tony purchased a 1981 Lincoln Continental Mark VI – the namesake for the album – off a former radio DJ and archivist in New Mexico. In the trunk of the car was a bag full of cassette tapes of homemade mixes and radio show recordings from the late 1980s that featured the kinetic clank of Detroit Techno, bombastic Def Jam instrumentals, TR-808 freestyle workouts, jacked-up Chicago House, and hundreds of advertisements for outmoded products and redundant services.

MARK VI pays homage to the sounds found in this car and ultimately the journey it took Price on as he drove back to Toronto. It utilizes early samplers like the Ensoniq Mirage as well as various drum machines and synthesizers to recreate the giddy aesthetic – Tony endeavored to summon an album that celebrated the unabashed eclecticism, futurism and explosive production techniques of the music and commercials he heard. First single, “Learning From Las Vegas” leans heavily into this idea marrying late-night funk with woozy percussion and sizzling electro dubs. 

Speaking about the new single, Price says: “This cyber-noir jazz track features Colin Fisher on Saxophone and is named after a famous architecture book from the early 1970s. I recorded this song after visiting a famous building in Los Angeles, the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. I was struck by the towering mirrored glass exterior of this crazy building and felt compelled to make a song that evoked similar feelings. I was very inspired by Larry Heard’s production on Fingers Inc.’s “Another Side” while making this song.  Like most of this album, It was made exclusively using an Ensoniq Mirage 8-bit sampler synth.”

Tony Price
March 11, 2022
Out via Telephone Explosion Records

1. Night Time Mind
2. Learning From Las Vegas
3. L’Escorte
4. Aerosol
5. Power Hour
6. Mark VI
7. Prime
8. Valentino
9. 115 BPM
10. Phreak
11. Supra
12. Turbo (Dub)
13. 132 BPM
14. City TV
15. Corporate Graphic
16. House Of Information

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