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THOT Share Acoustic Recording Of Latest Single “EUPHRATE”

January 4, 2022

THOT Share Acoustic Recording Of Latest Single “EUPHRATE”

Just a few days into a New Year and THOT are already delivering re-imagined work and showcasing their endless talent. Today the Belgian industrial noise/post-rock outfit an acoustic recording of their latest single, EUPHRATE, which was performed during the very last “Silent Sunday Sessions” of the year, back in December. 

Speaking of the track THOT state “We’ve always loved challenging our own music with different versions of a song. So we hope that you’ll enjoy this unplugged recording of our latest single, 𝘌𝘜𝘗𝘏𝘙𝘈𝘛𝘌.”

Immediately from the first frame of the film, you are hit with this immense energy that THOT possesses. Stripping back from the fierce punchy tonality of the original and bringing this stunning version to life whilst still utilizing the vast energy they convey.

The audience embraces the striking amount of power that emits from the track throughout, from the power cascading off the keys and from the acoustic guitar, resonating into the room and sculpting the ambiance. The ferociousness of the vocal notes channels a layer of volatility into the ample soundscape and brings this vital complexity and charge to the ensemble. With this new live session, THOT shares their creative world and it’s a privilege to watch and feel apart of, entering the world in which they can deliver this refreshing and expressive ensemble in this organic nature, showing their flawless range.

The outfit plans on releasing more this year and we can’t wait to discover that when the time comes. Be sure to follow their social media to keep up with the latest news.

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