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Marissa Nadler Announces “The Wrath of the Clouds” EP out 4th February via Bella Union & Shares New Track “Seabird”

January 11, 2022
Photocredit: Kristin Cofer

Marissa Nadler Announces “The Wrath of the Clouds” EP out 4th February via Bella Union

& Shares New Track “Seabird”

Marissa Nadler announces her new EP, The Wrath of the Clouds, out4th February on Bella Union and Sacred Bones, and shares a cover of “Seabird” by the Alessi Brothers. Fresh off of her acclaimed 2021 full-length LP, The Path of the Clouds, the EP features two covers and three previously unreleased tracks written during the Path sessions. To Nadler, rediscovering The Wrath of the Clouds’ songs felt “like uncovering lost gems that I had forgotten about,” and the result is a beautiful release as rich and essential as its predecessor.

A truly touching and stunning re-imagined composition capturing the very best qualities of Nadler throughout. You’ll be hooked the minute that hypnotic passage emerges, alongside the upbeat drum patterns and experimental tonality, the ethereal vocal harmonies will captivate. A rhythmically riveting exploration that will leave a lasting impression. Marissa Nadler understands the importance of creating these truly immersive ensembles where the audience can lose themselves for the duration.

The three original tracks on The Wrath of the Clouds all swim in similar waters as Nadler’s last release, but expand on her sonic and conceptual expertise. The intoxicating “Guns on the Sundeck” is a stunning epic written from the point of view of the eerie Queen Mary ship. “All the Eclipses” sees the return of Amber Webber of Black Mountains as a featured guest, as she and Nadler lull listeners under their waltzing spell. In “Some Secret Existence,” Nadler layers her voice atop sparse and tasteful guitar work, illustrating her ability to build a dense and beautiful world with not much more than her harmonies. The Wrath of the Clouds closes with two covers that emphasize Nadler’s ability to make any song her own. “Once I had finished the album, these two covers were on the top of my list,” says Nadler. “These were a really nice capping off to the season of this writing.

1. Guns on the Sundeck

2. All the Eclipses

3. Some Secret Existence

4. Ferry Lane

5. Seabird


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