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Indigo Birds Set To Release Debut Album “The Influence Of Loneliness” January 21st | Album Feature

January 5, 2022
Photo credit: Svet Klimoff

Indigo Birds Set To Release Debut Album “The Influence Of Loneliness” January 21st

Album Review

Whilst the world was hurtling towards the end of the year, back in November we introduced our readers to the ferocious quartet Indigo Birds, this month the outfit will release their debut album and mark 2022 as their year!

January 21st will mark the official release day for the Parisian four-piece as they unveil “The Influence Of Loneliness”, their new 11 track album. The forthcoming body of work marks the outfits’ 3-year journey to find their right identity as well as more than thirty tracks that were originally composed. The 11 track record is described as 50 minutes of sound escapade, it is an ambitious first opus for Indigo Birds. A collection of experiments capable of nestling in the ears of the greatest number, to be discovered on January 21st 2022!

Album opener “In A Jar” kicks off the journey with this slow beat resonating into the vast landscape. These crucial piano notes join that ambiance and start to sculpt the expressive nature of the ensemble, the brooding vocal notes then join the building intensity bringing this raw affection into the arrangement. The lyrics are so clear, so essential to the overall mix. This vocal harmony later begins to showcase this bold range, leaving the brooding tonality and delivering higher pitches. A surge of electronica adds this contrast before this mighty drum shuffle explodes and dynamically shifts the instrumentation.

This is your first taste of a record that already feels so personal, a journey you need to continue, a record that from the first track brings this array of mystique, charm, and emotive appeal.

“Cockfighter” follows, a single that the outfit has already released into the world. “Cockfighter” explores this obscure landscape, far more intricate than the first single, with enticing percussive elements, and this alluring, if not, infectious vocal melody oozes such character as Indigo Birds begin to craft and sculpt their atmospherical creation. The new single is deeply layered as it is visceral, the ensemble showcases this expressive landscape filled with crushing experimentation, bright electronic synth notes soar throughout the unpredictable ambiance. Atmospheric drifts, shifting rhythms, and the most immersive drum beats. The darker brooding intensive elements have a striking resemblance to that of a cult darkwave band in the ’80s, yet this attitude and honest lyrics attach themselves to that of an anthem-led established indie band.

Next up the album flows into the third track “Noises”- again kicking off with this infectious percussive beat and rhythm before the progressive and punchy tone lays this insatiable guitar riff amongst the landscape. It’s a moodier single which just oozes this infectious attitude. As this mighty track speeds its way to the middle part, that ferocious attribute suddenly evaporates to allow softer melodies to trickle into the atmosphere adding this contrasting softness, but the audience should expect unpredictable passages which have already been apparent throughout the album so far, that softness doesn’t stick around for too long. The explosive finale allows this experimental combustion and sax to unite for the final few bars, leaving the audience in awe.

Indigo Birds shatter that chaos and bring this electronic emphasis into their new release “Last Night I Dreamt About You“. With this arrangement, Indigo Birds bring this brighter, pop edge to their vision whilst relying on the surging soundscape filled with vast synth sounds and emerging electronica. The next single “A Shark In Da Pool” brings this immediate Talking Heads influence into the first few notes of the release, this robust drum shuffle and complex bass tone hook the audience, this scratchy guitar bridges the transitions but the focus is on the compelling vocal harmonies on offer throughout. As the exploration flows, this impressive surge of volume and intensity sweeps through the soundscape, spiraling to and from this fierce deliverance to a more mellow melodic movement. A real melancholic attribute can be found emitting from the lyrics.

Elsewhere on the album, tracks such as “Gracias Hombre Lobo” once again exploit the heaviness of this creative outfit, the expressive nature that resonates from the low, deep resonating piano amongst this colossal soundscape. Whereas the slower, sweeter “Skyline” allows the outfit to captivate with a minimalist touch before the outfit start to build this impressive, immersive crescendo, the end of the track sweeps you into the midst of this mighty passage. Finally, the album ends of this epic and flawless final track “Red Lights”, a moving and all-consuming exploration that comes to a fitting finale with this weaving, dramatic sample.

In all, Indigo Birds are about to release one of the most adventurous releases that the year will bring us. A fearless creation that shows the outfit in its element, exploring multitudes of influences and genres and creating something so individual. The four musicians process their work meticulously whilst creating this journey that twists and turns throughout, unpredictable peaks, and this addictive energy that has been effortlessly captured from start to finish. A bold cinematic debut bursting with this captivating power.



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