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Discover supernowhere – Sophomore Record “Skinless Takes A Flight” due 2nd March via Topshelf Records

January 2, 2022
photo by Dylan Hanwright 

supernowhere Share New Single “Basement Window”

Announce Sophomore Album “Skinless Takes A Flight

due 2nd March via Topshelf Records

2022 is already shaping up to be another great year for Topshelf Records. The label has announced details of another incredible outfit joining their ever-growing family. In fact, we are always in awe at the wide range of artists that Topshelf showcase, introduce yourselves to Seattle trio supernowhere. Just before the festive holidays, the trio shared their new single “Basement Window” and revealed details of their sophomore album “Skinless Takes A Flight” which is due March 2nd.

Of the single, Topshelf notes: “Basement Window” was born/prompted by a dream of a snake in the basement of now defunct Seattle house venue Werewolf Vacation, “Basement Window” is about expressing an accusation of harm in cumulative iterations. Over pulsating, syncopated rhythms inspiring a trancelike state, “Basement Window” details the slow accumulation of moments of confusion that arise when you’re picking up red flags from someone who initially seemed trustworthy. supernowhere channel this slow-developing revelation in their climactic song structure, with subtle variations on the initial phrases eventually exploding into a spiraling chaos that mirrors calamitous harm. The song’s climax was enlivened by producer Dylan Hanwright (mem. Great Grandpa, I Kill Giants; prod. Gulfer), whose keen ear not only brought the band’s upcoming album to life, but who also gave supernowhere a place to rehearse and write Skinless Takes A Flight, resulting in work that was recorded as intimately as it was written.

Listen to the new single and watch the creative video featured below:

This slow-building momentum ricochets through the atmospherical, cutting ensemble and is showcased with the chugging bass notes and the dominant tone. This rich drum shuffle emerges alongside the dazzling guitar notes sweeping throughout the intimate landscape and adding this shimmering, sweeter, brighter influx of textures. The vocals join the composition and immediately provide this compelling pull. With this flawless melodic movement emerging from the vocal tones and the complex low end that intensifies the lyrics, supernowhere shapes this spellbinding build-up. The power proudly flourishes with the spriling drum shuffles and the powerful breaks of chaotic experimentation, this will leave you in awe.

supernowhere allow influences of jazz, minimalism, progressive, and noise-rock to outline their direction, using key aspects to create something that is destined to enthrall and shape their promising future. The end result is this dramatic soundscape that delivers a wealth of influence and lasting impression. supernowhere channel this powerful display of musicianship to boldly sculpt this hypnotic arrangement that will completely hook the audience from the first note, then elevate their listeners with the dynamic vocal range on offer.

art by Meredith Davey and Kurt Pacing 

Skinless Takes A Flight


Dirty Tangle


Basement Window

Skinless Takes A Flight


The Hand

Gently Inert


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