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Shreddies Releases New Record “Options” Out via New Haven Tapes

December 10, 2021

Shreddies Releases New Record “Options”

Out Now via New Haven Tapes

Shreddies returns with a record that will leave you in awe. An expressive and eclectic electronic album that showcases the innovative appeal of this artist. Today, via New Haven Tapes, the 6 track record “Options” is out and available on cassette and streaming platforms.

No stranger to the site, especially throughout the year we have featured the electronic project of Cardiff Musician Josh Dickins. A contrast from Josh’s work as the bassist of Rosehip Teahouse, Shreddies emerged when the adventure was born in mid-2019. Following dedicated work progressing this outfit, one phenomenal single release via Rose Parade Recording Co, then a split release earlier in the year. Josh founded the new platform and label New Haven Tapes to showcase the work of electronic composers releasing music on cassette format.

With the new album, Shreddies establishes their vision as unique and complex whilst setting themselves apart by creating such mammoth creations filled with heart and melody.

The new 6 track cassette release commences with this instant introduction into the centre of this mammoth ensemble. Immediately, the audience understands the vast world that this artist has created, a world with no boundaries and deep expressive inflictions captured in the electronic palette on display. Shreddies refines the essential skill that the artist conveys within their work, the ability to manipulate the volatile atmosphere’s crafted. Throughout the new album, Shreddies takes the audience on this explosive journey, unpredictable and dynamically shifting throughout. Countless hooks offer security to the audience, joining a world presenting a calmer influx from the arrangement, one in which affection oozes from the tones, but this explosive reaction allows Shreddies to suddenly inject new forces into the journey, the audience will find themselves shifting from dancier elements to hypnotizing trance-like influence.

Throughout the release, Shreddies explores avenues of avant-gardism and carefully composed layers of experimental credit. Flirting between minimalist passages to adventurous landscapes, within this record, Shreddies captures this essence of fragility and beauty. The compelling use of this affection is especially present throughout the second track Wœdland Blue, where Shreddies weaves this organic sample reflecting nature and life and adds a cadence of effects to compliment the aura emphasised by such sample. Utilising this array of sequenced pulses and immersive textures, Shreddies is leading the way for electronica. The entire record showcases this sonically appealing collection of intelligent instrumental tracks, uniting to give this compelling listen from start to finish.


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