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S.T. Manville Shares Cover Of Biffy Clyro’s “Christopher’s River” & Announces Vinyl Release of “Somebody’s Else’s Songs” on Big Scary Monsters due 28th January

December 15, 2021

S. T. Manville shares brand new cover of Biffy Clyro’s Christopher’s River

Announces vinyl release of ‘Somebody’s Else’s Songs’ on Big Scary Monsters
Out 28th January

Following a near sold-out tour with Mike Kinsella (OWEN), S. T. Manville is set to release his hugely streamed album ‘Somebody Else’s Songs’ on vinyl via Big Scary Monsters on 28th January, with a previously unheard single out now – Biffy Clyro’s ‘Christopher’s River’. Manville tours the UK with Elkyn in March/April 2022. 

Talking about his evocative cover of the much-loved song, Manville said “‘Blackened Sky’ was a game changer for me. Firstly, because it was exactly what I wanted to hear at that age, but also because Biffy were British. Most of the bands I was into at the time were American so to see a band doing something similar yet so differently over here was really inspiring. Those first 3 albums just kept growing in ambition and experimentation and really opened my eyes to what you could do. This track always reminds me of the walk to school because if I put the album on as I left the house it was always about halfway through this song that I’d get there. On a different note, I stole a copy of this album from a house party at the twins who played Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films house and I still have it.”

Bringing this new lease of life into the rework, by stripping back and offering this truly affectionate arrangement. The minimalist layers building the passages and the acoustic notes shimmering throughout, these attributes emphasize the raw lyrics and lo-fi vocal melodies. All of which add to the compelling textures of the cover, S.T.Manville has this fearless infliction of not holding back when it comes to the consuming emotion he sets out within every creation. Somehow, intimacy and emotion can be felt from each lyric, and each harmony that is delivered with such ease throughout the new release. Simply put, it’s a chilling rendition showcasing the strength of an artist that gives everything.

‘Somebody Else’s Songs’ is a collection of beautifully nostalgic covers that each soundtrack an era of Manville’s youth, and his journey into music. The album includes a poignant cover of ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World, which has since clocked up 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Manville will release the album on vinyl for the first time via Big Scary Monsters, with two unheard tracks as part of the offering. 

“This album is pretty much the soundtrack to my early teens remembered through the lens of me in my ‘30s” says Manville. “These are the artists and songs that first got me into music but performed as I hear them when I play them back in my head now. They’re tinted with the hazy nostalgia that comes with being older and looking back at that time in your life. The songs I first got drunk to, first fell in love to, first discovered I actually didn’t think coffee was disgusting to… I guess it’s a collection of songs that I really hold dear for all different reasons, some more serious than others, but all remind me of what it’s like to feel like you’re living in Dawsons Creek or something. 

The album was Manville’s first release as a solo singer-songwriter, having spent years in punk bands including BSM alumni Blakfish and Hymns. “When it came to making the record, I made a point of working the songs out without listening to them, I think that gave me the freedom to leave my own memories in the songs instead of playing them the same as the originals.”

S. T. Manville is a singer-songwriter from the Midlands UK. He has written and produced for artists such as Burna Boy, Mabel, Mø, and Jaykae to name a few. After some time away from the music industry he returned in 2019 with his most personal musical offerings, released under his own name. Since then, Manville has seen his records reach over 3 million streams, supported by BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, DIY Mag, i-D Magazine, Kerrang! and more, performed at Dot to Dot and Handmade Festival. 2020 saw a sold-out UK co-headline tour with Katie Malco, while this year Manville has toured with the likes of Willy Tea Taylor and American Football’s Mike Kinsella (OWEN), winning new fans everywhere he goes. 

 Tour dates:
Mar 18th – Hyde Park Book Club Leeds
Mar 19th – The Fulford Arms York
Mar 20th – The Castle Manchester
Mar 21st – The Engine Room North Shields
Mar 24th – Scale Liverpool
Mar 25th – JT Soar Nottingham
Mar 26th – The Flapper Birmingham
Mar 27th – Duffys Leicester
Mar 29th – Strongroom Bar London
Mar 30th – Folklore Rooms Brighton
April 1st – Clifton Community Bookshop Bristol
April 2nd – Tiny Rebel Cardiff


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