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Rad Releases 21 – LibraLibra

December 22, 2021

Rad Releases 21 – LibraLibra

For the final week 2 weeks of the year, as the countdown to the end of 2021 approaches, we take a personal look back on familiar names, labels, promoters, and musicians’ most loved releases of the past 12 months. It’s a time we enjoy and look forward to, through the contributions we get to find new music discoveries, releases we may have missed throughout the year. When we handed the site over last year for the 2020 feature, our 10th year into our annual special, we loved the contributions and it became apparent that we all found ourselves reconnecting with music new and old. Following another challenging year, the one constant has been how artists and their labels have adapted and produced some of the best records of our time, it’s those releases that fans have depended on to get them through another year.

Now in its 11th year, we are delighted to hand the site over once more, as we let our favourites share more details about their year in music.

Bridie Florence Cummings

Our next feature is from the unruly Brighton based quartet LibraLibra. A band that came back with full force this year with the explosive single release “Candy Mountain” – a track that quickly became one of our favourites for 2021. As we’ve stated before, LibraLibra have this vicious vision that they execute with this audacious energy and punk influence which scorns the soundscape. We are delighted to find out more about the outfits year in music…

  • Top releases of the year

Guy’s & Beth’s Pick: 

St Vincent’s ‘Daddy’s Home’

A masterpiece, amazing arrangement, production and songwriting as always. I absolutely adore St. Vincent, she is the queen of reinventing herself and introducing and nailing new styles. Total 10/10 for me! 

Joe’s Pick: 

Leon Vynehall – ‘Rare, Forever’

One of the most interesting people in electronic music atm. Hard to pin a genre on and really making something brand new in every sense of the word. Everything from beautifully soft to hard edged dance music is included and all works together too. 

Martell’s Pick: 

James Blake’s single “Say what you will” from ‘Friends that break your Heart’.

Heard it and, much like every other time a new song of his has come out over the last decade, I was silenced by how talented he is. 

Beth’s Pick: 

Grove – ‘Your Boyfriend’s Whack’

I discovered Grove at the beginning of 2021 and became an instant fan. This is track is an absolute beast. I am dying to see them live and I am seeing huge things to come from them in 2020. I can’t wait to see them at an all night rave, their live shows look like they kick off. 

Guy’s Pick: 

Cory Hanson – ‘Pale Horse Rider’

A song on this record contains my favourite lyric of the year “Your Mumma, she was a psycho analyst. Until she egged my car and then she was my nemises” 

Joe’s Pick:

Peter Talisman – ‘Lord of the harvest’

 Two most gracious lords/friends of ours Samuel organ and Slugabed created this album and story accompanying the project is as good as the music. Imagine a tavern from the past but in the future. Then make it music. That’s this. 10/10

  • The best show you have played this year / gig attended

Guy: For me it was our Headline show at the Hope & Ruin in Brighton. Felt like a true homecoming after no gigs for so long. The welcoming energy from our home town was amazing.

Martell: Best show for me has to be 234 Festival at The Green Door, Brighton. Not only did I feel so free and on top of my own world during our set, but the whole experience was so refreshing, everyone was just there & equally ready for carnage.

Beth: Any show we’ve played this year have been an honour and a blessing after not being able to play for so long. Just being in a crowd and feeling free has been amazing and every single person at all of the shows we’ve been lucky enough to play at have made them all equally special for me! 

  • Your own highlight of the year

We can all agree this year has been a tough one, ultimately there have been more lows than highs. However we signed with Wixen Music Publishing and Echelon Talent Agency. So next year 2022 is looking a hell of a lot brighter! 

  • Has there been any record that’s got you through this year? If so what.

Guy: Something about winter lockdown got me obsessed with Chopin again and the Ballad in G Minor Op 23 is a big favourite but honestly Chopin in general has been the music that has got me through all the lockdowns. 
Martell: The Record that got me through was Regina Spekto’s most recent album “Remember us to life”. It’s just so good to hear her still just building on how incredible she was when she started to break through. I could listen to her play on for days.

Beth: A whole bunch of records have certainly been of great comfort to me. My favourite track which I listen to religiously however is Bronski Beats’ ‘Smalltown Boy’ – it resonates deep within and it’s a therapeutic experience for me. 

  • How have you adapted with releasing/recording/promoting this year!?

Beth: Honestly we’ve just kept going and navigating as best as we can! We haven’t stopped even during the serious low moments. And to be honest there really have been. I had my ovaries removed in March and the fall out of going through early menopause has taken its toll on my body and my mind. But music is what as got me through, and this band have got me through. Joe, Guy and Martell have been godsends to me, not only are we a band, we are family. And we have all been there for one another during the darkest of times. So we have been busy working on music, making music and creating and will unleash a load of new songs in 2022!! 

  • Best discovery this year?

Guy: Not a band but the Podcast ‘No Dogs In Space’ that does deep dive histories into punk bands is excellent and I recommend to any music fan. 

  • Artist/Band to watch for 2022

Beth: Snayx – these guys are off the chain live and the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. We were lucky enough to play with them at Edge of The Wedge in Portsmouth back in September. They are due for big things! Get to know! 

Joe: Kam-Bu – production is excellent, an absolute poet. 100% on the rise! 

Beth: Lambrini Girls – utter mayhem. Best live show around. FACT. 

  • Plans for the New Year

Martell: This year I aim to be be soaked in sweat and aching for days after each gig, so I will be very much looking forward to what our pals Snayx and Wizard Sleeve have to show us in 2022

Beth: We’ve got our first two official tours set to take place end of January and March, along with the release of our upcoming EP, ‘Modern Millennial’ so extremely eager to unleash this into the world. 

Thank you so much for contributing, we are excited to see what 2022 has for LibraLibra

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