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Rad Releases 21 – Circuit Sweet

December 30, 2021

Rad Releases 21 – Circuit Sweet

It’s New Years’ Eve Eve, and after cutting our annual feature short due to the wonderful side-effects of the booster and a week bedbound, the energy has finally returned to round up the end of year special with my own 2021 playlist.

This year has marked the annual feature’s 11th anniversary and the 12th year of this site; I am honestly so honored at the response of the feature each year, from the contributors to the readers. I can only personally thank each person that has spent their time creating their own Rad Releases feature. It’s one of my favourite times of year for the site, it’s been such a pleasure to find new discoveries that I’ve missed this year thanks to those features. I’m truly amazed that so many incredible people have wanted to spend their time letting us into their world, very grateful and that of the readers who in turn discuss their most cherished releases.

It’s been another tough, unpredictable, and just weird year. A year of toing and froing, back to shielding, back to cautiously trying to emerge back into the world, back to shielding again. Never thought I would have to be brave just to leave the house, utterly insane! But thanks to my wonderful support network trying to find normality brings some great memories with those that are close. Without a doubt, this site and music, in general, has been the only constant throughout the last year, the thing I have relied on most, for escapism and for the search for new music. It’s been such a relief to escape into music, old and new. To continue adding to the record collection and appreciate slowing down to take in every moment of that record- artwork and all. Throughout the year, being introduced to new music/artists then being able to share that on the site, I hope the readers have found something special through these articles!

We kickstarted 2021 on New Years Day with the announcement of a new collaboration with Dowd Records– I love this label and I can’t urge you enough to check them out! Dowd Records is a US collective of musicians, artists, designers, skateboarders and music fans. Back in January, the team produced a run of limited edition Dowd Records x Circuit Sweet T-Shirts. We only have a grey colour variant left in the shop, check that out here.

Kicking the year off with details of Falcon Jane & Romshii‘s collaboration, sharing the plans for Count Your Lucky Star‘s release schedule. Other new year highlights include premiering the new single from Cowgirl and their banger “Caroline” thanks to Safe Suburban Home which we welcomed to our shop shelves in January too- there is just 1 tape left in stock. Loved featuring Hunter Ellis‘ EP release. Promoting Buffet Lunch and their must-hear album, same for Otzeki. February gave us some serious label love to New Teeth and Devil Town Tapes. Hosting music from Lula, chatting to Tri-City Fanfare who we return to as the year ends. Celebrating Mountain Bloom’s release day, and a special double single release from In Earnest ahead of their album release later on this year. Sharing any Libertino Records artist throughout the year- we’ve featured Bandicoot heavily and can’t wait for that album to arrive in Spring 2022. Loved interviewing Sky is Alright. Small Pond Records gave our springtime and our shop a little boost of life with the additions of Daniel God Damn Byrom ‘s utterly stunning 2-EP white cassette release and Wild Cat Strike’s new EP “Red Brake Light Sky Sessions” – both limited stock but check those out here.

As summer approached, we had the pleasure in teaming up with Dowd once more for the release of Silver’s standout single “Air Light”. Dowd Records released Silver’s double A-Side 7″ “Air Light”, available via Dowd Store and green vinyl version exclusive to Circuit Sweet available in the UK- we were blown away with how quickly you all snapped this up and it was our pleasure to have this available. A few weeks later we welcomed some exclusive merch to the site- see here.

As for the rest of the year, we were delighted to share Glaare‘s stunning album release, premiering new music from Kabbel and SURE. Loved hosting the album premiere for Ritual Cloak thanks to Bubblewrap Collective, as well as the new video from Man Without Country. We were thrilled to share more details of Zoouj and the debut EP release. The year has introduced us to a multitude of stellar outfits that have joined the ever-growing Reckless Yes family throughout the last 12 months. Seriously enjoyed introducing our readers to the new label New Haven Tapes and their releases. It was such an honour to host Teddy Hunter‘s new video, as well as My Name Is Ian. Have been in awe at the amount of work that Rose Parade Recording Co have put in this year and it’s been great to share all their releases and artists. A highlight was the love that Jack Lena shared thanks to our article (endless love back), slightly obsessed over hosting the video premiere for Japanese Television’s “Bumble Rumble“, one of fave tracks this year. The array of incredible releases that Sad Club Records shared this year- from Clara Mann to John Myrtle. Just the endless support from Sean Grant after we were blown away by his new album, as well as sharing the new track from Indigo Birds and the new video from Tri-City Fanfare. There really are some incredible articles shared throughout the year and a huge thank you to the amazing Gavin Brown, a regular contributor and firm part of the Circuit Sweet family, always love reading the passion of this writer jump from the words on the screen. A huge achievement for the site as autumn arrived, we hit 20k articles, a mammoth milestone especially as we only passed the 19k turn at the end of January earlier in the year, incredible work.

Looking back on everything like this I am so proud to offer this little blog as a way to promote some of the best music and dedicated musicians. A huge thanks for keeping this going for another year! 12 years tapping away at the keyboard trying to capture what the music means. I feel incredibly lucky that I have Circuit Sweet as a platform, if I feel I can promote a musician and their work in any way shape, or form then I have done my job- so once again thank you all for supporting my little site for 12 years now, it’s just a teeny tiny team giving their time to help creatives in any way possible.

Once again I have compiled a special playlist of the most loved artists and their music that have made such an impact on Circuit Sweet this year. Find the playlist streaming below and I hope you can find a new artist or song that becomes essential to you:

Thank you – Naomi x

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