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Icelandic Songwriter Arny Margret Releases Stunning Debut Single ‘intertwined’ & Signs To One Little Independent Records

December 3, 2021
Benni Valsson

Arny Margret
Debut single ‘intertwined’ out now via One Little Independent Records

Icelandic singer-songwriter Arny Margret is in the process of making her eagerly anticipated arrival with her debut single ‘intertwined’, out via One Little Independent Records now.
Having spent the last few years honing her graceful, emotive acoustics and a lyricism and delivery that defy her age, she appears amongst no small amount of local buzz, fresh from playing Iceland Airwaves ‘Live from Reykjavík’ event alongside the likes of John Grant, Ásgeir and more.
Vivid imagery colours deeply personal writing on ‘intertwined’. Arny recalls sitting in a small dorm-room in Denmark, staring out of its single window overlooking the scenic landscape, and how memories both good and bad flooded over her amidst the solitude. She tells us; “Past experiences kept coming back to me while I was living in Denmark, everything around me was different. It took some time to get used to. The weather somehow always makes a way into my songs, I use my dreams and my memories, words or phrases. And one day I came up with the lyric ‘our pasts are intertwined’ as if you’re connected to someone you don’t want to be connected to”.
Through continuous writing and revaluating, the song developed naturally over a number of weeks. Arny prefers to allow her songs to evolve themselves, intrinsically linked as they are to their surroundings. “It was winter by the time I was adding the final touches, I was back home when I recorded the harmonies, and it came together, music is weird like that”.

Arny Margret · intertwined

The new single is simply heavenly. A compelling composition bursting with this fresh organic emphasis pushed through from the powerful yet delicate strings resonating in this expressive landscape, rich with emotion oozing from the gentle yet far-reaching vocal harmonies and intimate lyrics. The journey of the acoustic strings plucked with this credible determination and joined by this cascading array of intoxiating melodies, this really is one of the most consuming ensembles of our time.

Easily one of the most confdent songwriters around. This is an artist to appreciate.

Intimate and a truly reflective piece, highlighting the expressive influence of this artist and their ability to capture your affection and alter your mood. The audience will find themselves embracing this one-to-one aspect from the artist, as Arny delivers this passionate exploration that feels like a cherished performance just for the listener.

Arny Margret is from the Westfjords, a sparsely populated and confined peninsula in north-western Iceland. Born and raised in a small town called Ísafjörður, she attended music school from the age of 6 learning to play the piano and gradually taught herself guitar. Through the few pieces she’s shared, a feeling of isolation resonates, seeping through her dulcet tones and delicate strumming, conjuring images of mountain tops blocking the winter sun and clear, cool ocean stretches.
She cites influence from the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Aldous Harding and fellow Icelander Ásgeir. She’s currently recording her debut album at studio Hljóðriti in Hafnarfjörður and beginning to make her mark globally this year and next with her intimate and affecting live performances.

Live dates

1st Feb – The Hug & Pint – Glasgow – UK

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