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Honey Guide Releases Debut EP ‘A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind’ via Bam Bam Records

December 14, 2021
Photo Credit: Catherine Jablonski

Honey Guide releases debut EP ‘A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind’ via Bam Bam Records

Leeds based Honey Guide – AKA Jacob Andrews – releases his debut EP ‘A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind’ via Bam Bam Records, the label and collective set-up by indie-risers Eades.

Reminiscent in elements of WhitneyKevin Morby or Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, with a sardonic British twist, ‘A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind’ establishes Honey Guide’s sonic world. It’s a sepia toned affair, full of woozy psych and jazz-tinged Americana. Pre-release singles ‘I Feel Funny’, ‘Just My Style’ and ‘Nom De Plume‘ all played a part in slowly unveiling Jacob’s silky, lackadaisical approach. 

A spirit of collectiveness is pervading the music in Leeds right now – with various projects trading ideas, members and resources to uplift the entire indie scene. Honey Guide falls squarely into this, working with members of rising band Eades in their Bam Bam Studios before releasing on the associated label. Jacob has also played with Far CaspianNiall Summerton and Harry Hanson, as well as working on demos with Louis Sadler of Van Houten.

Honey Guide explores a world of fragility within this flawless EP release, a record that is destined to hook the audience from the tender tonality to the raw lyrics. Honey Guide offers this volatile record that showcases a proud blend of lo-fi energy and distinct bright guitar tones, the sweet vocal harmonies, intricate notes all unite to sculpt this immersive and intoxicating ambiance from start to finish. Rhythmic, raw, and something entirely compelling, this EP will soon become a firm favorite.

Honey Guide has carefully crafted this harmonious record, capturing their ambitious energy and a release that expels a certain timeless quality.

A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind’ is the debut EP from Honey Guide – and is out now via Bam Bam Records



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