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Foxxglove Releases New Single “High On Hope” | Single Feature

December 10, 2021

Foxxglove Returns With The Release Of New Single “High On Hope” – Out Now

Back in 2020, an artist was frequently being mentioned across our end-of-year special by various platforms both artists and promotors alike, the name Foxxglove kept cropping up in conversations about new artists and artists to watch out for. By the start of summer this year, we understood the importance of this artist once we were introduced to new music from this innovative musician.

Foxxglove is a name we urge you to familiarize yourselves with. The artist, hailing from Ferndale in South Wales has already got this impressive history to their work. Described as taking inspiration from her own life experiences, films, and art to tell a story that captures people’s hearts; her raw and open emotion seeps through every part of her music. 

Following their last single release back in May, today we are delighted to share Foxxglove‘s follow-up release “High On Hope”. Returning for the release of her flawless third single, the track is out today 10th December and available on all major digital streaming and download platforms.

The track is described as seeing the Ferndale songstress return with a more positive and upbeat alt-pop/rock track to close the year out. Allowing her pitch-perfect vocals to soar, the optimistic track is about life after a turbulent time in someone’s life, stepping to the edge of despair & pulling yourself back.

This delicate atmosphere sweeps into the vision from the first soaring notes that emerge, immediately you will be hooked. “High On Hope” is one of the most immersive creations steeped in this clear array of halcyon infused textures and this expressive melody, moving the audience throughout.

The entire creation is a collection of sonically consuming elements, from the shimmering electronic notes and inventive guitar passages that elongate throughout the expressive landscape, to the powerful yet intensely intimate vocal harmonies that soar throughout the world so carefully built. Foxxglove is no stranger to creating ensembles rich with an array of emotion, oozing affection at every dynamic note, but with the new release, Foxxglove establishes herself at her most affecting, building this lasting influence through the cutting course of the consuming composition.

High On Hope” proudly boasts this cinematic quality captured from the compelling smouldering effects and electronic cadence that controls the journey.  The raw yet hypnotizing lyrics and the volatile vocal harmonies from this remarkable artist provides an exploration that is emotionally evocative from start to finish. A sonic assault to the senses, a track that offers fragility and a prominent beat to move to. The ultimate combination, even the production quality of the track just captures the artists growing confidence and maturity. A track you can distinguish as anthemic and breathtaking, uniting this sense of euphoria alongside a contrasting dark attribute.

Foxxglove talks about the track saying, “High on Hope is born out of desperately trying to find like minded people and to be accepted and live fearlessly. I first thought of the lyrics whilst in alternative night clubs in Cardiff such as ‘Metros’ and ‘Team Up’ with my friends. I remember feeling happy and free and that I could be completely and utterly myself, something that I haven’t always felt throughout my life. It’s kind of an anthem for ‘outcasts and oddballs’. I was bullied throughout my time at school and always made to feel like a ‘weirdo’ or a ‘freak’. But I found people who were just as unique as I was and we all come together at these alternative night clubs and it just feels amazing like ‘getting high on hope’. That’s what the song encapsulates.”

The complex pop melodies are once again produced by Minas, with Jed Robertson embellishing the lyrics with his intricate guitar throughout.

Since debuting as an artist she has achieved so much from her very first performance in July 2019 to playing Swn Festival, all the way to performing 3 unmissable sets at FOCUS Wales 2021.

Foxxglove has announced that she will be supporting Thrill Collins on Saturday the 26th of March 2022 at Tiny Rebel Cardiff. Tickets HERE



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