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Introducing AhGeeBe – Debut Single “Cocoona” Out Now via Clwb Music

December 1, 2021

AhGeeBe Releases Debut Single “Cocoona”

Out Now via Clwb Music

Discover the sounds of Cardiff’s AhGeeBe. Seeing in the end of November with the stunning debut single release “Cocoona” which is out via Clwb Music, AhGeeBe is ready to become a name you’ll be hearing a lot more from.

Cocoona” is easily one of the most harmonic and impressive releases of 2021, a bold debut that will solidify this impressive musician as one to watch and support, and a single which will set out a promising career ahead. To release a debut single of this quality, it will simply leave you in awe.

The musician has already gained support from Huw Stephens at BBC 6 Music, Adam Walton at BBC Radio Wales, and Georgia Ruth on BBC Radio Cymru and quite frankly we are sure this is just the beginning.

There’s a real refreshing current consuming listeners at present, especially by those musicians that are enriching their vision with the use of analog recording processes and a touch of vintage vibes reflected from the warmth of the tones chosen. With it, comes lashes of nostalgia, and this seems to be perfected by AhGeeBe.

Cocoona” commences with this immediate introduction to these colossal and consuming sweeping formations. This bright landscape consumes you, the forceful yet formidable slide-guitar and heavy tone swirling through the complex soundscape filled with organic textures, dedicated drum shuffles, carefully controlled percussive bursts, and this dreamy vocal harmony.

The charismatic vocal notes ooze this intimacy through the intensive voyage of the ensemble. The track packs a punch, carefully adding layer upon layer of instrumentation and noodling riffs into the alluring atmosphere. A rhythmically infectious composition with this meaningful melody throughout. The production qualities of the track add a playful touch to the innovative creation, allowing the lyrics and expressive vocal notes to weave soulfully with the immersive guitar passages. With this new single, AhGeeBe should be praised for the impressionable hooks, upbeat notions and a truly rich, all-encompassing ambiance.

The new single was part recorded by Tom Rees (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard) and part self-recorded, Cocoona tells an uplifting story, encapsulating the overwhelming, soaring feeling of freedom felt by everyone as lockdown eased, the feeling that everyone was emerging from their cocoons flying around seeing the world again with fresh excitement and joy. 

“I wrote Cocoona during the depths of lockdown. I was being bombarded constantly by online shopping ads, not to mention my bills were building up after losing all the work I had planned touring with bands, and work as a photographer. Stuck in the house, fixating on certain objects that kept being advertised for me to lust over (new guitar etc), and making the most of the daily walk for exercise, forever taking the long way home” explains Rhodri.

The joy of finally leaving the house properly after lockdown felt like party time, and this song quickly jumped out of me”.

AhGeeBe honed his craft in the South Wales quarry village of Creigiau, spending his time chiseling and sculpting away at the piano and guitar from an early age. Finally finding his groove, which he thoughtfully describes as “somewhere between old-time country and 60’s cop show theme tunes“, AhGeeBe is the shining result of years of session-ing for musicians across the globe, demoing, recording, and songwriting.

Listen to the single on various platforms here:

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