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Weakened Friends Share New Track ‘Tunnels’ – New Album “Quitter” out November 19th via Big Scary Monsters and Don Giovanni Records

November 3, 2021
Photo by Adam Parshall 

Share New Track ‘Tunnels’

New album QUITTER out Nov 19th
via Big Scary Monsters and Don Giovanni Records

Portland, Maine trio Weakened Friends share another cut from their forthcoming album Quitter, out November 19th via Big Scary Monsters and Don Giovanni Records – emotional indie rock track ‘Tunnels’ turns visceral pain into haunting verses and anthemic choruses.
Talking about the track, lead singer Sonia Sturino said; “’Tunnels’ is a portrait of the paranoid spiral that follows when you’re hurt by someone you’ve let get close to you, complete with self-deprecation and closed off self-defence. There is a self-awareness to tunnels, with an early verse requesting “everything I said, chalk it up to a broken heart,” and in the context of that broken heart it’s easy to understand lines like “world’s a mess, I’m obnoxious and I hate myself.”

bsmrocks · Weakened Friends – Tunnels

Raucous rock at its finest, this punk attitude enables this release to become something we can all obsess over. The currents of the raw guitar structure intensify throughout the ferocious atmosphere.

Weakened Friends have this fearless character and with their electrified sound they manage to give a truthful tale amongst the insightful lyrics. The release is grand on all levels, but when you cut through to the lyrics, you’ll discover intimacy and fragility simmering away amongst the lashes of ardent instrumentation. “Tunnels” once again captures the mighty energy this outfit conveys and commits into every aspect of their vision. Countless hooks, this insatiable buzz that ignites and dazzles throughout.

Weakened Friends dive into the honest truth of being a working musician on their new LP, Quitter, reflecting on lost friendships and self-worth swallowed up by burnout. Songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Sonia Sturino is supported by Annie Hoffman (bass/vocals) and Adam Hand (drums) – the album encapsulates a mature take on emotionally driven alternative indie.
Central to the record thematically is the empty threat of quitting music and “getting a real job”. Sturino wrestles with her relationship with music on the title track, shouting “I love it, but it never really feels okay” over scorching guitars. Despite the implications of the title, quitting is not an option for the band.  Even as friends settle into adulthood, Weakened Friends find themselves trapped in a fortress of their own creation, inseparably attached to the eternal youthfulness of life in music. In this liminal zone, life passes by and friendships are weakened, and Quitter takes plenty of time to mourn these losses.
Though the record acknowledges a perpetual state of arrested development that comes with being a musician, the band is anything but stagnant musically.  Opening themselves up to ideas outside the constraints of their slacker rock sound, Weakened Friends puts the full force of their creative ambition into “Quitter”. Inspired by watching peers go above and beyond what is expected of them, the band sought to explore each song’s fullest potential, with their most extensive pre-production and arrangement work to date. Incorporating banjo, pedal steel, horns, extensive synth arrangement and several non-instrumental sounds such as ovens and camera flashes, Weakened Friends expand on their universe of sounds on their new LP.

Quitter will be released on November 19, 2021. It is available for pre-order. The title track is available now across all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

Quitter Tracklist:
1. Bargain Bin
2. Quitter
3. Everything Is Better
4. 25th
5. Tunnels
6. Planes
7. Spew
8. What You Like
9. Haunted House
10. The Last Ten
11. Point Of Interest

Catch the outfit on tour:

Tour Dates
Apr 14 2022 – Brighton, UK – Prince Albert
Apr 16 2022 – Bristol, UK – The Crofters Rights
Apr 19 2022 – Glasgow, UK – The Hug and Pint
Apr 20 2022 – Digbeth, UK – Dead Wax
Apr 21 2022 – Leicester, UK – Firebug Bar
Apr 22 2022 – Manchester, UK – Night People
Apr 27 2022 – Trier, Germany – Lucky’s Luke
Apr 29 2022 – Brunswick, Germany – B58
May 2 2022 – Hamburg, Germany – Molotow Skybar
May 3 2022 – Cologne, Germany – Bumann & Sohn
May 4 2022 – Stuttgart, Germany – JuHa West
May 5 2022 – Wiesbaden, Germany – Kreativfabrik
May 11 2022 – Haarlem, Netherlands – Patronaat

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