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SURE Shares New Single & Video “Uphill” & Announces Forthcoming EP “Nineteen Years” | UK FILM PREMIERE

November 4, 2021
Clément Duboscq

SURE Share New Single & Video “Uphill” | UK Premiere

+ Details Forthcoming EP release

Last year, without a doubt one of the outfits’ and releases that pulled us through that uncertain time, an act we repeatedly came back to in order to lose ourselves- is that of SURE .

SURE A truly powerful trio. A few weeks into the global lockdown for all as we felt collectively we needed something to distract us, move us, engross us, French trio SURE released their phenomenal debut album “20 Years” in April of 2020 via Weyrd Son Records.

Without a doubt, SURE are masters at dark new wave enthralling electronic music. They continue to challenge themselves and their ability to design these flawless and heart-felt compositions that are filled with ominous atmospheres, dark attributes, bold tones, and melodic vocal harmonies which sweep across these expressive landscapes.

Casting back to that time, the album was unfortunately released at the worst possible moment: at the beginning of lockdown. Adding to the impossibility of touring and performing together, Gregory Hoepffner and his companions Nicolas Di Vincenzo and Michael Szpiner were 1500 km apart, following a move to Sweden. After unsuccessful attempts to create from a distance, and the absence of capturing their magic via the internet, Gregory decided to look into re-discovering a handful of previously unfinished tracks. Gregory began working the creations with fresh ears within the new Swedish studio which led to his latest solo project, Kabbel.

We are delighted to share the news that SURE return with their forthcoming EP “Nineteen Years” due 26th November.

Nineteen Years offers two new tracks, marking SURE’s diverse influences. «In Control» takes us by surprise, brilliantly highlighting the band’s electronic side and revealing their techno side. While «Uphill» touches on the British sounds of New Order or The Cure, before turning into a tormented storm.

This tracklisting would not be complete without three other nuggets that fans know well. To find comfort and to lull yourself towards the approaching winter, SURE unveils piano versions of «Morrows» and «Sinking Story», both taken from Twenty Years. More than a muffled atmosphere, it’s Grouper’s lo-fi spleen that is summoned here. And last but not least, we’re finally entitled to «Shout», a cover of the Tears For Fears’ hit, which has been played live for a long time and, as we can easily guess, is still appreciated!

Nineteen Years, or one year less as the world clock continues to tick. A new therapeutic EP for SURE, a translation of the desire not to let apathy get the better of us, and to keep hoping to reunite with each other.

Clément Duboscq

With news of the EP, today we are delighted to share the UK premiere of the new single and accompanying video “Uphill”. Premiering at the same time as their French music media counterpart. Watch the new video below:

Immediately this plethora of intoxicating textures collide through the first few bars and start to sculpt the direction of this ensemble, providing this abrasive yet brooding ambiance. The vocal notes which cascade throughout the fierce soundscape, offer this sincerity and melodic movement, a sharp contrast to the darker formation of “Uphill”.

SURE have once again produced a dynamic composition that will alter your own mood once you embrace the exploration in all its glory. Built on these experimental and jagged elements whilst utilizing the harmonic vocal notes. This hypnotizing soundscape becomes the compelling current for this ensemble to focus on. As the exploration meanders deep into its formation, the audience can appreciate the punchy bass tone which inflicts this severe depth to the release. Those plunging notes add this grittier influence against the coarse textures and far-reaching synth tones that bring this striking emphasis to the atmosphere. Immense beats and this crashing percussive attribute fight with the journey as the intensity heightens. SURE choose such an array of tones that nostalgic cues emit from the character of that sound.

SURE have honed in on their impressive outlook, their ability to deliver these emotionally charged and unique brand of new-wave/post-punk influenced composition, SURE connect to their audience and offer such a striking symphony within their work.

“Nineteen Years” due 26th November



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