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Kenneth Ishak Shares New Single ‘Noisy River’ – New Album ‘Native Tongue’ out this Friday 5th November via Sellout! Music

November 1, 2021
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Shares new single ‘Noisy River’

New album ‘Native Tongue’ out this Friday 5th November via Sellout! Music

Norwegian songwriter and producer Kenneth Ishak has today shared new single ‘Noisy River’, taken from his forthcoming solo album Native Tongue, due 5th November via Sellout! Music,

On his first solo work in just over a decade, Ishak explores his experience of growing up as multi-ethnic, with a Norwegian mother and Malaysian father in Norway, and finding a connection with the parts of his identity that were not always apparent.

Following on from previous singles ‘Native Tongue’ and ‘Something’, latest track ‘Noisy River’ collates bits and pieces of beloved memories from hanging around with and observing his “beautiful aunt”.

It’s about her calmness and how she was very free, anchorless and I am restless, like a noisy river,” said Ishak. “I would be in the corner waiting for her, watching her pray. When she was done she would rub my head and say, “here’s a little heaven for you too”.

Ishak throws the audience into this expressive piece which commences instantly, showing this mighty soundscape from the first note. This far-reaching and vast world engrosses the audience as Kenneth allows this mighty world to also show this vulnerable side through the intimate and personal lyrics. The percussive details bring this rhythmic flow into the journey as the melody and the delicate vocal harmonies collide and show this clear ambition and immersive intensity.

As with previous work and so vivid throughout the new single, Kenneth Ishak sculpts this memorable melody which adorns the entire arrangement, once the delicate yet distinguished vocal harmonies emerge they bring this emotional value to the composition. Bringing a personal feel to this experimental exploration. Ishak captures this vulnerability within the lyrics and fuses this with a mighty force of strident declamation captured by the plethora of textures within the soundscape.

Noisy River” delivers this beautifully nuanced ensemble that nods to the flawless songwriting skills of this compelling artist. The tracks that Kenneth Ishak has already teased from the upcoming album, all of the chosen singles show this dynamic range of this musician. The powerful ability to create these essential atmospheres that are built on these intricate elements and layers of intoxicating harmonies and intelligent hooks and tones. Throughout this arrangement and to be expected in the record, Ishak has mastered the art of creating something so unique.


1. Native Tongue
2. Shrines
3. Tropical Green
4. Something
5. Noisy River
6. Spider
7. Sacred Days
8. United Nations


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