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Indigo Birds Share New Single & Video “Cockfighter” Taken From Forthcoming Album | UK Video Premiere

November 22, 2021
Photo credit: Svet Klimoff

Indigo Birds Share New Single & Video “Cockfighter”

Taken From Forthcoming Album “The Influence Of Loneliness” Due January 21st 2022

Discover Indigo Birds, a ferocious quartet based between Normandy and Paris and an outfit you should familiarize yourselves with immediately. Indigo Birds are working towards the release of their debut album The Influence Of Loneliness which is out January 21st 2022, after releasing the first taste of that record, the 4-piece have just dropped their blazing new single “Cockfighter”.

The outfit have shared their new video for the single “Cockfighter”, we are delighted to share the new video ahead of its official launch. The new single is the perfect taste of their forthcoming record. A track that showcases their high-octane energy and commitment to an array of experimental attributes and their sublime attention to creating this enthralling atmosphere filled with dramatic twists and turns.

Cockfighter” explores this obscure landscape, enticing percussive elements, and this alluring, if not, infectious vocal melody oozes such character as Indigo Birds begin to craft and sculpt their atmospherical creation.

The new single is deeply layered as it is visceral, the ensemble showcases this expressive landscape filled with crushing experimentation, bright electronic synth notes soar throughout the unpredictable ambiance. Atmospheric drifts, shifting rhythms, and the most immersive drum beats. The darker brooding intensive elements have a striking resemblance to that of a cult darkwave band in the ’80s, yet this attitude and honest lyrics attach themselves to that of an anthem-led established indie band.

Throughout the release, Indigo Birds process their work meticulously combining various influences and genres and assembling this affectionate arrangement. As the single heads towards the cathartic finale, Indigo Birds dynamically shift the momentum and start to up the intensity and alter the melody exuding into the aura.

The film they’ve shared, as directed by Marina Klimoff, is equally as engaging as the colossal soundscape.

Keep up to date with the outfit at their following social channels, their new album is out January 21st.

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