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Don’t Worry Share New Single “Crushing Weight” Out via Specialist Subject Records

November 3, 2021

Don’t Worry Share New Single “Crushing Weight” Out via Specialist Subject Records

Don’t Worry have shared new single ‘Crushing Weight’ via Specialist Subject. Since their inception in 2014, Essex band Don’t Worry have earned themselves a loyal following, finally releasing their debut album Who Cares Anyway? back in 2018. Writing about everything from the mundanities of life to the relatively profound, alongside occasional themes of humour and satire, Don’t Worry deliver a relatable commentary on modern day life.  

New single ‘Crushing Weight’ sees Don’t Worry veering into slightly poppier territory whilst still maintaining their own signature brand of indie-rock Don’t Worry seamlessly navigate heavier subject matter whilst maintaining an air of effortlessness that can only be achieved by a band who are fully in sync with one another. Although lyrically heavy, musically ‘Crushing Weight’ takes influence from pop music, ranging from The Beach Boys through to Blue album Weezer, with a signature Don’t Worry twist and ripping guitar solo. 

At its core, ‘Crushing Weight’ is a love song with a large dose of existential dread thrown in for good measure. “It’s about having an uncomfortable realization or epiphany, and how hard that can hit you, often at the worst of times. Like when you’re just about to fall asleep on a school night. The panic that ensues, the dread, and the temptation to just bottle it up and ignore it,” says co-lead singer Samuel Watson. “Even in the most mundane of instances, these feelings can make you want to dissolve into a cloud of smoke. But you know that sooner or later you’ll have to face the music. It’s also a song about how powerful and important it is to be in love, and how that’s sometimes all-consuming,” he continues. 

DON’T WORRY · Crushing Weight

Don’t Worry have this unique style of showmanship, captured within their latest creation the pair create this immersive world filled with melodic turns, charming hooks, raw rhythms, and a personal lyrical course. Uniting all of this and then blending in this impressive energy and you discover the powerful hit that is “Crushing Weight”. A raw ensemble balancing explosive punk attributes and heavy rock. A brash arrangement with angular attributes and enormous hooks. “Crushing Weight” takes this unpredictable voyage but that journey is compelling and crucial.

To celebrate the release of their new single, Don’t Worry will play a headline show at The New Cross Inn in London on November 5th, tickets are available here: https://newcrossinn.com/tickets/events/dont-worry


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