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a-tota-so Release New Single ” I Am ” Ft. Aisling Whiting – Taken From Forthcoming Sophomore Album “Lights Out” due March 2022

November 19, 2021

a-tota-so Release New Single ” I Am ” Ft. Aisling Whiting

Forthcoming Sophomore Album “Lights Out” due 11th March 2022 via bUTTONpUSHER

a-tota-so; the audacious math rock/ grunge band from the East Midlands are certainly no strangers to the site. In fact, we’ve deemed this trio as one of the hardest working outfits in the DIY community for some time.  

During the uncertainty of the industry when the world effectively paused last year, we can all appreciate how hard it was for musicians and music lovers to suddenly be stripped of their community in person, be that gigs/festivals or even just celebrating releases together in the flesh.

It was during this time that a-tota-so decided to fight back through the lack of support, to unite and to start working on their second album “Lights Out“, which will establish a directional change for the trio and their vision. They’ve described their return as “not quite as mathy as you might have remembered them.”

Throwing themselves into writing and recording their forthcoming new album, the biggest change sees the usually instrumental band enlisting a gang of their vocalist friends from the UK and Irish music scene, putting a fresh spin on their music and creating something different this time around. Their forthcoming album will feature 8 tracks with collaborations from various vocalists, including the likes of Damien Sayell (The St Pierre Snake Invasion/ Mclusky), Ashley Tubb (Sugar Horse), Jake O’Driscoll (God Alone) and Ellie Godwin (No Violet).

We are delighted to welcome their return with their fierce new single “I Am” which is out today, November 19th. The first taste of the forthcoming release and a refreshing new single that showcases the power of the instrumentation from a-tota-so combined with the raw lyrics and harrowing vocal harmonies from Aisling Whiting (Sang Froid).

The track jumps straight in, immediately engrossing the audience from the first note. Hit play and straight away Aisling joins the atmosphere and begins to sculpt the dramatic world that lies ahead. This dazzling guitar tone serenades the soothing sounds from Aisling in the first few bars, the guitar rhythmically directs the harmonies with its formation as the gentle drum shuffles and the complex low-end surges amongst the alluring world, emphasising the notes of each musician. As the lyrics soar in the soundscape, Realf Greville Heygate emerges on Violin and Cello adding further depth to the ensemble with the resonating strings.

As “I Am” steps up the intensity midway, the charging direction adds this gritty tone and immersive riff, the drumbeat aggravates the power of this piece as a-tota-so welcome their dynamic unpredictable shifts into their arrangement, keeping their well-known traits present throughout their new body of work. As this chaos seemingly grows, bringing ferocity to the forefront, Aisling‘s vocal notes expand, explode and dominate the world.

The new arrangement captures this menacing influence, as the stirring tones and raw lyrics collide to bring emotion into the centre of the mix, the audience soon embraces the array of affection that consumes this composition. When “I Am” readies itself to quickly fade out, the audience is suddenly introduced back to their world which they were in almost 4 minutes before, not quite ready to jump back into normality, a-tota-so have effortlessly produced a track destined to move any listener, transport them into the midst of this mammoth creation.

Utterly gripping, a-tota-so have added this influx of emotion into their compositions and the new direction showcases the progression of this outfit and their lasting influence. If the first track is this good, we already know the new album will leave us all in awe.

You can pre-order the Limited Edition vinyl HERE



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