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The Body & BIG|BRAVE Release “Leaving None But Small Birds”, Out Now via Thrill Jockey Records – Album Feature| Gavin Brown

October 1, 2021

The Body & BIG|BRAVE

Leaving None But Small Birds

Over the past few years, The Body has collaborated with a vast number of different artists such as Uniform, Full Of Hell, Thou, Krieg and MSC on record and The Bug in a live environment with each collaboration yielding widely different but always brilliant results. The band’s latest collaboration is with BIG|BRAVE on Leaving None But Small Birds and it is a sublime and all-encompassing listening experience with both bands coming together to create an album full of emotion and a different kind of heaviness that captures a magnitude of feelings throughout. 

The album has a strong alternative folk and country vibe about it which are strong components of the music of BIG|BRAVE and when you add the depth and power of The Body to it, it creates some undoubtedly powerful music that will speak right to your heart throughout. 

BIG|BRAVE vocalist Robin Wattie (whose beautiful vocals soar through the songs on the album), guitarist Matieu Ball and drummer Tasy Hudson all work really well together with The Body’s Lee Buford and Chip King on this record and the results of both bands coming together does feel really special. 

While this record may not appear to be as heavy sonically as The Body, or indeed their past collaborators, BIG|BRAVE are in fact perfect foil for The Body and on this record, the two acts combine with great ease to create a sublime collection of music, with great vitality and uplifting feel to it. Songs like the opening Blackest Crow, Oh Sinner, Once I Had a Sweetheart and Polly Gosford are beautiful paeans for lost souls and this is an album that will take over your soul from start to finish. 

Ultimately, Leaving None But Small Birds is a great, great album, full of passion and it is a treat to hear both bands’ utilize both their own and each other’s sonic strengths to create this record and we can only hope that The Body and BIG|BRAVE collaborate on music again. 

The new record is out now via Thrill Jockey Recordshttp://thrilljockey.com/products/leaving-none-but-small-birds



Words: Gavin Brown

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