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S. Raekwon Shares New Single ‘Do You Feel The Same?’ – Debut Album ‘Where I’m at Now’ due 8th October via Father/Daughter

October 4, 2021
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Shares new single ‘Do You Feel The Same?’

Debut album ‘Where I’m at Now’

Due 8th October via Father/Daughter

New York City artist S. Raekwon (Steven Raekwon Reynolds) shares “Do You Feel The Same?”, the latest single from his upcoming debut album Where I’m at Now, which is out October 8th on Father/Daughter.

Following on from previous singles “Darling,” “Forever,” and “T.D.T.K.A.”, “Do You Feel The Same?” sounds carefree yet is lyrically packed with emotional turmoil and unrequited love. The folk-rock inspired song conjures a picturesque road trip into rural country with twangy guitars, skittering spliced vocals, and a galloping beat.

Though it voices explicit, real fears, “Do You Feel The Same?” spins them into excitement and anticipation as Steven leaps towards the future instead of dreading its arrival: “With all that we have been through / There’s still so much to get through.” Even if its target feels differently than him, the track still holds comfort knowing it makes its feelings known.

Recorded between New York City and a six-month stint at his girlfriend’s parents’ home in Edwardsville, IL during the pandemic, Where I’m at Now is the album S. Raekwon made for himself with a clarity that arrived as he located his missing pieces in the world. His time in the Midwest proved influential on Reynolds; it is where he reconnected with the Black side of his family, his father’s, and took part in the worldwide protests against police brutality.

S. Raekwon triumphantly manipulates the use of these organic vocal notes and processes through various effects to start to build on this mighty course of plush textures that initiate the arrangement’s journey. As this expressive landscape shortly shows its vast world, the delicate vocal notes soar amongst the powerful attributes that simply engulf the audience. Percussion emerges and showcases sweeter shuffles, as the journey expands this sudden dynamic shift in the intensity swoops into focus followed by this squelchy but profound bass tone that adds a further depth to the vision.

As with previous work and clear throughout the latest release, S.Raekwon lets down all barriers to offer up this truly tender and touching release, by allowing the audience into the midst of this fragile creation. The intensity builds around the audience and will leave them in awe.

S. Raekwon, born Steven Raekwon Reynolds on July 10, 1995, is a singer/songwriter and producer from New York City by way of Buffalo, NY. The S. Raekwon project finds Reynolds documenting traces of a life both affected and infatuated by the power of difference. Reynolds’ journey began as a biracial Black boy in working-class Buffalo. He never met his father and grew up with a white mother who loved musical theatre and playing piano. He didn’t cut his teeth via a DIY scene, or in bands with neighbors and classmates; the isolation gave him space to channel his guarded nature into a freedom forged by the noises in his head.

After graduating from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Reynolds moved to the East Village in NYC, an area he’s been fascinated by since family trips as a teenager. In Spring 2018, as he worked a day job and sought connections with others, Reynolds wrote and tracked the first S. Raekwon demos in his dingy studio apartment. Rather than self-releasing, Reynolds shopped the demos around, leading to the release of his 2020 debut single ‘Parts Towards Whole’ b/w ‘A Crow’s Smile’ via Saddle Creek’s Document Series.

Recorded between New York City and a six-month stint at his girlfriend’s parents’ home in Edwardsville, IL during the pandemic, Where I’m at Now is the album S. Raekwon made for himself with a clarity that arrived as he located his missing pieces in the world. Delicate as his approach may be, chaos truly underscored the two working years as Reynolds not only moved to lift the weight of the world off his spirit but connected with his roots. In a serendipitous turn of fate, Edwardsville was not only the same town Reynolds’ father once went to college but is also in close proximity to St. Louis where most of Reynolds’ Black family members are located. When he didn’t work on music, he protested against police violence in Missouri, and eventually reconnected with this family for the first time since his childhood. Upon leaving Edwardsville in September 2020, Reynolds quickly finished the rest of the album, charged by a new fire in his spirit and the light of his blood driving him towards a new beginning.

Where I’m at Now embodies several palpable shifts in the S. Raekwon project, and Reynolds as a man. Completely self-produced and self-recorded (save for drums on two songs,) the music’s driven by the relentlessness of the East Village and the quiet serenity of Edwardsville. The abstractions of his earlier musings transform into a warm wave of genreless coherence, drawing influences from across R&B, rock, folk, and pop to build a record that shines in its quiet spaces as much as its sweeping movements.

Track Listing
Do You Feel the Same?
Kissing Behind Your House
Anywhere 4 U
It’s No Thing
After the Party
Darling (Reprise)
Don’t Leave

Preorder Here: http://fatherdaughter.co/whereimatnow


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