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Maita Announces “I Just Want To Be Wild For You” LP due out February 18th 2022 on Kill Rock Stars + Shares New Track “Honey, Have I Lost It All?” 

October 15, 2021
Photo Credit: Tristan Paiige

Maita Announces “I Just Want To Be Wild For You” LP due out February 18th 2022
on Kill Rock Stars

Shares New Single + Video “Honey, Have I Lost It All?” 

MAITA has announced new album I Just Want To Be Wild For You, due out February 18 2022, the Portland band’s second release on venerable indie label Kill Rock Stars. The new collection finds Japanese-American songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler digging into that crippling oxymoron of modern times, the constant bombardment of communication paired with utter disconnection.

Raucous lead single “Honey, Have I Lost It All?” echoes the frantic, questioning desperation that many artists feel when faced with the fear of inadequacy. Released now alongside an energetic video, the song careens onwards with big guitars, synths, catchy riffs, and a wordless vocal refrain that becomes the unexpected hook of the song. 

Maita wastes no time but to commence the track on the immediate note. No time to build and craft the atmosphere, it’s there ready to consume the audience. A fast-paced tempo and this abrasive intensity which emerge and maintains this striking power throughout. Maita brings these grunge-obsessed overtones into the instrumentation and emitting from the distorted riffs and bold breakdowns. Meanwhile Maita explores this ensemble with an intimate lyrical course that brings with it a personal complexity. Raw and mighty from start to finish.

Growing up in Oregon splitting time between her mother’s Japanese-speaking home and her father’s English-speaking home, Maita-Keppeler found an expressive avenue out of her shyness through listening to songwriters like Elliott Smith, Feist, and Cat Power. Along with guitarist/producer Matthew Zeltzer, bassist Nevada Sowle, and multi-instrumentalist Cooper Trail, she tapped into that intimate longing, recording the album in a church basement studio with the sound of the grand piano matched only by the raindrops dotting across the 40-foot ceilings.

By picking apart the smallest moments of confusion, uncertainty, and disconnection, Maita-Keppeler’s songs achieve incredible heights of emotion. I Just Want To Be Wild For You grasps passionately for a world that too often seems at a gauzy distance, framing complex ideas with visceral songs that sink immediately into the heart.

Pre-order album HERE

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