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Maida Rose Release New Single “Every Day Is Blue” – Out Now via Believe

October 19, 2021
Press shot, credit Anne Lieke Heusinkveld 

Maida Rose

Share new single “Every Day Is Blue” Out Now via Believe

Maida Rose is setting 2021 alight with their unique dream-pop stylings. Emerging from the Dutch seaside city called The Hague, the project is a vehicle for the songwriting partnership of Roos Meijer and Javièr den Leeuw.

After spending the past five years writing and recording in the attic of Javièr’s childhood home, the band has finally started releasing their dreampop gems into the world, inspired by the duo’s personal experiences of adolescence. 

Following their recent single “Within”, the pair share “Every Day Is Blue“, a playful song about not feeling understood while suffering from depression.

Sweeping melodies emerge alongside these bright textures which dazzle, leading the way for the delicate yet distinct vocal harmonies to consume the audience. This fragile world opens up to emphasize the importance of the crucial tones that collide and add this prominent depth to the soundscape but it’s the raw lyrics and compelling melody that drives the journey and brings the immersive attribute to the forefront.

Lead singer Roos states: “Depression is something that is hard to grasp if you’ve never suffered from it. I remember that I found it really challenging to communicate with friends and family who clearly had no idea of what it was like. They tried their best to say the right thing and to cheer me up, but it sometimes felt like they were unconsciously trivialising the state that I was in.

“At the time the only thing that you want to do is curl up underneath a blanket and dissapear. I think deep down you know that this won’t do any good, but it’s a piece of knowledge that you’re trying to ignore.

“That’s why we decided to make the song quite playful; to highlight the contrast within. It’s almost a bit rebellious, which is an attitude that I remember vividly from adolescence, which is the main theme of the whole [upcoming] album.”

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