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Jack Lena Releases Debut EP “In The Attic”

October 14, 2021

Jack Lena Releases Debut EP “In The Attic”

French artist and innovative musician Jack Lena released her stunning debut EP “In The Attic” earlier this month, October 6th. The flawless debut offers 4 tracks that consume you entirely. The artist is described as offering this dreamlike expedition that takes shape through her bold folk music.

As a teenager, her gateway to folk music was found through Ben Howard and Murray Head, as she was attracted by the organic sounds and deeper, more human themes. Jack Lena’s writing is at the crossroads of poetry and the Celtic tales that are dear to her, while feeding off a myriad of memories. Whether these are sheltered by the attic that gives the EP its title or experienced as close as possible to the nature of the Jura where she grew up. In The Attic is thus propelled by all the energy that these memories give off, and whose music represents “a photograph of the soul and emotion“, as the singer-songwriter likes to describe it.

The EP kicks off with the opener Leaves Of Remembrance, the ambiance begins to build with the use of sampling from nature, as the comforting sounds pave the way for the structure to gain traction. Jack Lena joins the atmosphere with this fearless commitment and emotional vocal delivery. The vocal harmonies on offer will leave you in awe. This sublime range reaches out and brings this affectionate twist to the lyrics. The intensity starts to grow and fester into this mighty power, as the composition meanders deep into its journey, the audience is pulled into the harrowing harmonies and the complex depth to the vision. From your first introduction to Lena’s unique and comforting skills, this will ultimately transfix your attention. As the intensity heightens the track displays this darker value, bringing this burning and brutal attribute to the forefront, whilst Lena’s immediate vocal delivery adds this immersive lyrical adventure for all to join.

Spirit Of The Attic follows and crushes the atmosphere that came first. The instrumentation builds and crafts this piercing ambiance for the first half of the arrangement, focusing on the sharp strings that resonate with their own emotive values before the raw lyrics add this dynamic pull to the release. Planétarium displays a more orchestral creation, the ambiance provides this enthralling energy. Angelic harmonies cross this fragile soundscape and this expressive display of hypnotic passages, delicate notes clearly pluck and resonate within the tender tonality of this track. A lighter ensemble that takes this direct approach and removes boundaries from artist to audience, allowing this honesty to hold the entire release. Finally, the EP finishes on the harrowing Sofia (Lullaby Version), a melodic and moving final single that pulls the best of Lena’s talents that featured on the 3 tracks prior and cuts this melancholic and stirring value to the lasting influence. A truly powerful ensemble with deep mesmeric rhythms.

This entire release ambitiously provides this raw vulnerability that pulls the audience into the midst of the entire vision. A journey that boldly brings this sharp pull between beauty and pain, Jack Lena adds this refreshing touch to their vision by enabling this wide array of emotion to ooze from every layer, every attribute, and ultimately leaves this understanding for the audience to embrace what they wish. Jack Lena offers this wide range of tones and the brooding ethereal harmonies that carry the collection, the devouring vocals of Lena bring this breathtaking execution to the entire EP. Darker instrumental tones add this complex importance that allows this cutting contrast from the sweeter vocal notes, a truly phenomenal debut from an artist embracing their essential influence.

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