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Hatchie Shares Cover Of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush”- Part of Secretly Canadian’s SC25 Singles Series

October 13, 2021
Photo credit: Nick Maguire


Releases Cover of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush”
Part of Secretly Canadian’s SC25 singles series with proceeds going to New Hope For Families

Following the recent news that Hatchie has signed to Secretly Canadian, now she shares a cover of Jennifer Paige’s single “Crush” as a part of the label’s 25th anniversary single series, with all proceeds going to Bloomington-based non-profit organisation New Hope For Families.

On “Crush,” Hatchie fulfils her long-building desire to reimagine Jennifer Paige’s 1998 global pop hit, filtering its inescapable hooks and cheerful refrain through dense, dreamy and spellbinding walls of sound.

“I’d been thinking of covering ‘Crush’ for a few years before this opportunity arose,” says Hatchie’s Harriette Pilbeam“I always thought the lyrics were much more moody than the bright chorus they were paired with, so I wanted to shift the focus. I was super keen to be involved with SC25 when asked. It’s cool to be amongst some great artists doing the same.”

This enthralling rendition will bring lashes of nostalgia to the forefront of this ensemble. With emotions running high, Hatchie delivers this stunning cover, rich with these lush textures and dreamy vocal harmonies. As we’ve stated before, Hatchie is one of the most versatile and innovative creators out there. With the new release, Hatchie’s attention to detail emerges throughout the expansive soundscape emitting this cadence of charming tones, a boisterous bassline and a killer beat. Another hypnotizing ensemble.

Consisting of 25 songs, covers and collaborations conceived in honour of Secretly Canadian’s landmark occasion, SC25 Singles has featured contributions from Bartees Strange, Tasha, Current Joys, Madison McFerrin, Jim James, NNAMDÏ, Skullcrusher, Stella Donnelly, Porridge Radio and more since launching this past spring. Like each of the initiatives encompassed by the sweeping SC25 campaign, Every Light On This Side of the Town, all net proceeds from SC25 Singles benefit Secretly Canadian’s goal to raise $250,000 for local non-profit organization New Hope For Families, in a mission to aid all families experiencing homelessness within Secretly’s hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. 

“Crush” closely follows Hatchie’s recent debut single for Secretly Canadian, “This Enchanted” – her first single since her much-praised 2019 debut album ‘Keepsake,’ marking the start of a new chapter in her career. “This Enchanted” is a dusky, nebulous glimmer, envisioning Hatchie on the dance floor, capturing the intense rush of love — a tidal wave of swirling textures, kaleidoscopic guitars and layers of twinkling synths, with an intense energy.

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