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French For Rabbits Share New Single & Video ‘Walk The Desert’ – New Album “The Overflow” out November 12th via Reckless Yes

October 22, 2021

French For Rabbits share new single ‘Walk The Desert’

New album The Overflow out November 12th

New Zealand’s French for Rabbits are in a constant state of creation with their warm and nuanced music. Their songs and accompanying videos are the result of the masterful storytelling that we’ve come to expect from the group, and the dynamic they’ve built together over nearly a decade. Now the band have shared “Walk the Desert,” the fourth and final taste of their stellar new record, The Overflow, out November 12th via AAARecords (NZ/AUS), Reckless Yes (UK) and A Modest Proposal (Italy). The album will be released digitally, on CD and limited edition vinyl (with two unique colour variants out of New Zealand and the UK).

‘Walk the Desert’ is another song that fits into the canon of this album – it’s about big feelings, and trying to keep them contained. That feeling that if someone asks if you’re alright, you know you’d burst into tears,” front-woman Brooke Singer explains of the emotive lyrics. 

Walk the Desert jumps straight into the immersive atmosphere that French For Rabbits have perfected in this new release. Sweeping tones join the ambiance and begin to manipulate the affection on display, shimmering effects, and a dedicated percussive sway, but the delicate vocal notes just consume you. The vocal harmonies and raw lyrics just add this personal complexity into the ensemble, harmonious and harrowing, the journey feels as if it’s your own. Crushing, mighty, and yet intimate too. When the brooding baritone vocal reinforces Brooke’s sweeter tones, the dual-vocals commit such an array of emotion, the audience is hooked.  

French For Rabbits craft these deeply moving orchestrations, a landscape of expressive tones and clear lyrics, a world that radiates an array of affection within every layer that forms the mighty structure. For years we’ve watched the progression of this outfit, their songwriting skills continue to leave us in awe. The ambiance they craft offers this vital energy and passion, French For Rabbits turn their arrangements into these must-experience atmospheres/ ethereal destinations.

The Overflow was recorded with NZ producer/musician Jol Mulholland (Tami Neilson, Neil Finn, Delaney Davidson, Troy Kingi) in Wellington at The Surgery and in Auckland at The Lab, with mastering by Carl Saff in Chicago. The result on “Walk the Desert” is premium indie-pop, that Singer has proclaimed her pride in, “I think we’ve managed to create our biggest, most solid pop song, and I’m really proud of that.”

On the new album, the group sweeps forward with their most dazzling body of work to date. Written and recorded mostly in 2020, the songs on The Overflow cover a wide range of relevant topics, with the common threads of introversion and anxiety woven throughout. “The Overflow is our album for introverts and deep thinkers – it is sort of a constellation of all the different ways in which someone can be anxious.

I’m worried about the future, wistful for the past, concerned about my friends and family, having social anxiety at parties, baffled by Donald Trump’s presidency, loathing of social media and grieving the degradation of our environment. Sounds like a total downer…but I promise it isn’t!”

Yet lyricist Brooke delineates that the album was made as an offering of comfort, “Perhaps it is more like a warm blanket. I’m really delighted with what we’ve made, very proud of our creation. I hope it finds its way into the right hands, and people give it a chance to sink it…I want people to listen to it loudly. Not quietly in the background…it’s an album for introverts, but it isn’t an introverted album.”




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