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Frauds New Album “Long Spoons” Out Now via Alcopop! Records Album Review | Gavin Brown

October 5, 2021


Long Spoons

Alcopop Records latest signings’ Frauds are a duo from Croydon whose second album Long Spoons is a fine collection of post punk/hardcore songs with a righteous mixture of energy and passion and how they view the chaotic world that we find ourselves in. This is a record that needs to be played loud first of all and is packed full of anthems that make legends t sense in this crazy environment. The album kicks off with Opening Banquet, an apt title for the feast of good music that this album contains, the song is centered around a mid-paced gnarly Bass led groove and sets the tone of the album very nicely. 

From then on, it’s a nonstop barrage of discordant rhythms and jagged grooves with a constant vibe of menace and attitude but done in a confident and triumphant manner. Songs like Put Em Up, the bitingly sarcastic social commentary of Copenhagen, the crucial Woke Life and the full on Ships are high octane and a perfect personification of the Frauds sound while songs like Sweet Martha (with its perfect fading out of an ending) and Tell Her You Miss Her are more laidback and in the case of the latter track, tender, sides of the albums sound and shows what a multi-faceted band Frauds are. From start to finish, it is clear that Frauds have hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating a passionate and well assured body of work and by the time, the closing track  Delorian concludes, it ensures that things end on a high and the energy levels are kept high even as the last notes of both the song and the album ring out. 

Long Spoons is a truly great album and Frauds are full of fire and sarcastic humor throughout this record with the songs to match their defiant and fiery energy. This album definitely marks them as a band who are on the ascent and they’ll continue to rise with music as good as this. 




Words: Gavin Brown

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