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deep tan Join Speedy Wunderground’s Singles Club | Single Special

October 27, 2021
Photo Credit: Alex Loveless

deep tan Join Speedy Wunderground’s Singles Club

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The 38th release in Speedy Wunderground’s singles series is from East London’s deep tan who consists of Wafah (vox/guitar), Celeste (bass) and Lucy (drums).


Part of the city’s thriving post-punk scene, deep tan make music that draws on the traditions of postpunk and new wave but with a distinctly modern take on the genres. Their stripped-back, minimal sound is a vehicle for songs that engage with contemporary themes, from deepfake revenge pornography to quarantine drinking sessions.

Shedding the atmospherics of earlier releases in favour of a darker, more driving sound, this evolution is developed further on their most recent EP, ‘creeping speedwells’, which expanded the band’s range to include psych textures and German experimental elements.

deep tan delivers this bold soundscape filled with an intense tempo and anxiety-laced ambiance which pulls you in and emerges you into the midst of their visionary ensemble. With this array of angular textures and this damning bass rhythm, this obscure atmosphere starts to showcase its complex landscape that continues to flow in this unconventional manner. The spikey guitar passages manipulate the severity of the expressive harmonies whilst the dreamy vocal notes delivering raw lyrics add such a vast contrast to the world that deep tan has crafted. Throughout the song, that feeling of relentlessly being ‘on edge’ keeps you fixated as you embrace this ensemble in all its glory and rise the journey present throughout.

Rolling rhythms and illustrious drum shuffles unite and as the exploration continues and the power heightens, the crushing tones interweave throughout this clear ambiance that leans to the obscure influence and manages to emit this unique character from all musicians. deep tan proves their energy is simply intoxicating as they release this arrangement with a lasting impression, a track that is equal parts hypnotic and chaotic. deep tan are a fearless trio and worthy of your full attention.

On the provocatively titled ‘tamu’s yiffing refuge’ the band explain ‘it’s a story of furry lust. A furries convention has hit town and at an afterparty at a nearby hotel (hosted by tamu himself) there are scenes of unbridled hedonism unmatched since the days of Freddie Mercury’s legendary parties at New Orleans’ Fairmont Hotel. The track was recorded to tape at Dan Carey’s South London studio with some very welcome additions, including percussive elements, custom-built drum fortress and a mind-bending swarmatron.’

The resulting track is described as probably one of Speedy’s most stripped back affairs so far but no less compelling. Taut, seductive and enthralling – it channels legendary indie heroes like The Slits, Young Marble Giants and The Raincoats with influences from contemporaries and peers like Jessica Winter and Dry Cleaning to create something that is undeniably their own.

On the video the band explain ‘given that ‘tamu’s yiffing refuge’ is a story of furry hedonism, it felt only right to film the video over the course of a night out and in the aftermath the day after. from being kicked out of sainsbury’s to a sweaty basement rave, we feel like the video is a good representation of the unhinged feel of the track itself. the video was co-directed by the band and alex loveless with fursuit costumes by lily guinness.’

buy / stream: https://ffm.to/sw038_deeptan

Limited 7″ physical release: 14 January 2022


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