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Cedric Noel Shares New Single “Dove” feat. Common Holly – New Album “Hang Time” out November 12th via Joyful Noise Recordings & Forward Music Group

October 22, 2021
credit Kristina Pedersen

Cedric Noel

Shares New Single “Dove” feat. Common Holly

New Album Hang Time – November 12, 2021
Out via Joyful Noise Recordings & Forward Music Group

Montreal’s Cedric Noel shares “Dove,” his gentle, harmonic new single featuring Brigitte Nagar (aka Common Holly), as a preview of his forthcoming album Hang Time, out November 12th, 2021, via Joyful Noise Recordings/Forward Music Group. “‘Dove’ touches on the wanting of emotional intimacy and how hard it can sometimes be to get there, be that within friendships, family or romantically,” explains Noel. “I think the narrator is singing the lyrics somewhat sarcastically while trying to understand their own emotional shortcomings with the people close to them.”

“Dove” begins with the gentle guitar notes resonating through this comforting ambiance, a rhythmic pattern that becomes addictive as the notes continue to play. When the dual-harmonies come into focus, the audience will be dazzled. Cedric Noel’s baritone harmonies lifted by Common Holly, building this serenading fashion and instantly adding this insatiable volume of affection into the environment.

The track showcases this tender trait, a delicate arrangement simply bursting with a wealth of emotions, captivating and refreshing. At only 2 minutes 28, the journey feels longer as you appreciate the cathartic and honest outcome.

Longtime fans of Noel’s will recognize the mercurial nature of the album’s open-ended rock formations: reflective strumming, soaring choruses, searing guitar lines, and subtle bass grooves all occasionally dissolve into pools of pure ambience. Yet fresh sonic surprises also abound: threads of folk pop, ambient and sound collage braid together to form a singular foundation for the Hang Time’s expressive whole. What’s most striking, however, is Noel’s newfound voice. “For me, this album is about taking ownership of my identity on my own terms,” he says.
Written primarily in 2017-18 during an intense period of self-reflection, this collection of songs finds Noel wrestling profoundly with his sense of identity, self and place. Born in Niger, adopted by Canadian and Mozambican/Belgian parents, Noel spent his youth moving around the globe with his multi-racial family. While studying in Canada for university, Noel embedded himself in a predominantly white indie rock community that left him feeling, as a Black man, both seen and unseen in complicated ways; both welcome and not. This conflict would follow Noel through a move to Montreal in 2016, where he found himself again moving within predominantly white music communities. He then found respite in Ottawa, holed up temporarily in a family home, studying the various pieces of himself and putting them to place in his music.
Ultimately, Hang Time helps to grow the heart and expand perceptions, as Noel manages to ask hard questions (both of the listener and himself) in ways that are compassionate, open, and honest. “In a sense I wrote this record for a teenage version of myself and hope that it reaches those who find themselves in similar situations that I was when writing the album,” says Noel. “I hope that this album can contribute to the reimagination of what is understood as ‘black music’ and help remove the boundaries that term currently encompasses.”

Pre-order Cedric Noel’s Hang Time here

Cedric Noel
Hang Time
November 12, 2021
Out via Joyful Noise Recordings/Forward Music Group

1. Comuu
2. Headspace
3. Keep
4. Stilling
5. Bass Song
6. Born
7. Dove
8. A Hold On Losing
9. Okayokay
10. Allies
11. Nighttime (Skin)
12. Hang Time
13. Cozy


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