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Buggs Set To Release New Single “Flaws” Out 20th October via Sad Club Records

October 19, 2021
Photo Credit: Jody Evans




London-based indie band Buggs (formerly BUGS) are due to release their new single “Flaws” out 20th October via Sad Club Records. Whilst everyone was baking bread and doing zoom-yoga, lead singer Alice felt herself obsessing over her own faults, creating a fervently on-the-nose track. Fresh from Green Man Festival and following their debut single release of bold statement of intent ‘Nick Gowland’, Buggs are wildly unafraid. 

‘Flaws’ is described as illustrating the paranoia and self-loathing that can bite at you while spending too much time alone.  After spending much of lockdown feeling isolated and aimless, ‘Flaws’ was written about Alice’s favourite lockdown activity – self-loathing. “I wrote Flaws about spending too much time chipping away at yourself in the mirror – obsessing over all of your faults and insecurities, thinking back over and over over things you’ve done or said, and becoming paranoid that your friends and family think you’re a bad person. Flaws is about my favourite activity during lockdown – self loathing.”

“As much as I have no desire for anyone to experience any level of self loathing I also am aware that feelings of insecurity and paranoia are one of the things that unite us all as human beings, and I think to hear about someone else feeling what you’re feeling can be comforting.”

Written during a period of pressure to be overly productive, ‘Flaws’ also illustrates the overwhelming anxiety that comes with this. During lockdown, our only view of the world was through the window of social media, which can be incredibly emotionally isolating. “It often felt like everyone else was doing yoga and writing albums and learning to cross stitch while I was just crying in my room watching youtube videos and eating white bread. I guess I wanted to convey the message that I feel gross and greasy and I felt like everyone hated me.”

Immediately ‘Flaws’ starts with this vibrant synth sound building this intricate yet haunting atmosphere. Buggs bring this gothic, moody edge to a volatile composition. As the darker textures weave through the soundscape, Buggs add this brighter complexity to their craft with their infectious melody and comforting 70s inspired tones. Lead singer Alice ensures the audience is committed to the creation in its entirety. Hanging on to each word, and each emotive attribute that Alice emits into the atmosphere through her vocal range on offer. The intimate lyrics find this reflective aspect yet comforting for so many to relate to and connect with.

The new single allows this intimacy to rule all, tender tonality and truly raw words shape the alluring ensemble whilst the instrumentation delivers this mighty influx with intensive peaks and a constant ominous aura that manipulates the landscape as the exploration flows. the track throughout.

Buggs are about to release this harrowing and harmonic track that will solidify their impressive song-writing skills and the quality of their musicianship.



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