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Beatrice Deer Shares New Single “HISTORY” and Announces New Album “SHIFTING”  due December 10th 2021

October 26, 2021
credit Alexi Hobbs

Beatrice Deer

Shares New Single, “HISTORY”

Announces New Album “SHIFTING”  due December 10th 2021

Acclaimed “Inuindie” pop star, Beatrice Deer is sharing her new single, “HISTORY” which arrives alongside news of her record, SHIFTING that will arrive on December 10, 2021. The sixth album from the Montreal-based singer-songwriter, who is half-Inuk and half-Mohawk and was born and raised in Nunavik, Quebec, will follow-up earlier releases that found support at Bandcamp Daily, NPR and CBC Music and won a string of awards including the Canadian Folk Music Award for Pushing the Boundaries, and Best Folk Album at the Indigenous Music Awards.

History starts with this angular bass tone adds this plunging depth to the expressive ensemble, immediately starting to shape the atmosphere. The delicate vocal notes from Beatrice collide with the intimate aura and bring this raw tonality into focus. Insightful, personal lyrics become this honest attribute that so many can connect to. As the intensity heightens and the instrumentation powerfully manipulates that light ambiance, lashes of ferocity layer up the ensemble and add to the consuming traction of this release.

Recipient of a 2021 Prism Prize and an Apple Music Ambassador, Deer blends indie rock and modern folk with traditional Inuit tales and throat singing, performing in three languages: Inuktitut, English, and French. A beloved figure in Arctic Canada, she has performed everywhere from the Venice Biennale to Norway’s Førde Traditional & World Music Festival to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Her bandmates and collaborators are made up of longstanding members of Montreal’s music community, including luminaries from Leif Vollebekk, Land of Talk, Stars, The Barr Brothers, Bell Orchestre, Little Scream, Besnard Lakes, and SUUNS.

The new studio album, SHIFTING explores the process of getting closer to the place where we’re meant to be in life as well as the way love enters our lives, the drive to survive, and the realities of grief. “Emotionally, spiritually, and physically, the transition towards our authentic selves continues,” she says. “As I shift into the position where I’m meant to be, I want to keep using what I’ve learned to help others.”

“HISTORY” comes as one of the few English-speaking tracks on the forthcoming record welding lush guitar tones and warbling electronics with this driving percussion – a sound synonymous with the track’s themes that explore ideas of moving forward in life, always shifting and progressing.

Speaking about the single, Deer says: ‘HISTORY is about changing our focus because we may not be aware that we’re too focused on our past rather than looking ahead into our future. And it distracts us from getting in the lane to our destiny.  It’s about shifting into place, a metaphor is driving. It’s hard to drive forward when you keep looking out your rearview mirror to look back into your life. Get out of your history and into your destiny.”

A role model for her community and a mental health advocate, Deer feels strongly that each of us, no matter what we’ve been through, has the ability to transform our outlook. The message she shares, whether in songs or speaking engagements, comes from her own lived experience of overcoming countless obstacles. She says, “You can’t be a change-maker if you haven’t gone through it yourself. You can’t help without healing yourself first. You can’t change what happened; you can only change how you deal with it.” 

You can pre-order SHIFTING at this link here

Beatrice Deer
December 10, 2021


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