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Watertown Carps Release Debut Album “Mermaids” via Rose Parade Recording Co – Out Now | Album Feature

September 9, 2021
Robert Sinfield

Watertown Carps Release Debut Album “Mermaids” Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

Rose Parade Recording Co. today unveils the debut album release from Watertown Carps. Watertown Carps is the exciting new collaboration between Japanese indie-folk musician Yo Zushi and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ross Palmer. Zushi has released acclaimed solo albums on labels such as Eidola and Pointy Records; among the artists he has supported on the road are Joanna Newsom, Scritti Politti, Patrick Wolf and Micah P Hinson.

Of the new album, Mermaids was written and recorded in a lost year of lockdowns – mostly at night, mostly at home,” explains Yo. “But it wasn’t all bad, and it reminded us that the good things need protecting more than ever. If you’ve got anything you truly value, stop and acknowledge it.

It is impossible to separate Mermaids from its time of conception, of pandemic, political upheaval and nocturnal dread. Yet, despite this backdrop, there is a sense of serenity that weaves through the album. Yo’s contemplative writing style offers the listener respite from the ever-changing and often overwhelming post-pandemic world, whilst acknowledging the difficulties that come with it. Yo explains: “The fishing trips that are ‘Wait and See’ and ‘The Fisher King’, and late-night ruminations like ‘8.32’ and ‘Another Last Chance’, they’re all hopeful in their own way – even ‘Our Friend, the Fascist’ is, somewhat obliquely, which is about our collective slide into a pretty bad place.”

Track Listing

1 Another Last Chance
2 Wait and See
3 Our Friend the Fascist
4 Appetite for Destruction
5 8: 32
6 The Fisher King
7 Sky Blue Heaven
8 No More Crying
9 Time Steals Away
10 Mermaids

“Another Last Chance” kicks off the album’s imperative journey and the first track offers this intense and intimate beauty. The vocal notes take center stage with the angular pitches and strong guitar picks that accompany the harmonies. This real sense of volatility emerges from the vocal notes as they meander down this unpredictable path. The ambiance is minimal yet moving and assist with pushing the raw tender tones to new depths.

The second track “Wait and See” showcases the outfit’s ability to build this poignant and vivid ambiance for the track. With the immersive instrumentation that includes the sweeter guitar notes cascading across the prominent percussive elements- distinct beat and punchy shuffles before mid-way the electronic guitar becomes the focal point as it breaks out and allows the tonality to dazzle and reinforce the atmospherical allurement of this release. Utilizing a range of American influences and forging this contemporary pathway. The emotional enhancement of this release exudes from the vocal notes that become the backbone of this ensemble. The lyrics and vocal notes provide this clear, visual, and affectionate influence into the mix. The delivery of the lyrics showcases this standout self-assured harmonic range. ”Wait and See” is a truly moving arrangement. It delivers a world that ranges from melancholic influence to magnetic melodies.

“Our Friend the Fascist” seemingly picks up the tempo and the intensity which is heightened with the lyrical push of this release. With a nod to the boss and influence from that renowned genre/styling, this track will leave you in awe. The visionary path that is created with the words offers such a clear picture for the audience to look upon, Watertown Carps throughout this release delivers something that offers this outfit to resemble an ever-evolving art piece as much as musicians.

Appetite for Destruction” engulfs the audience with this sweeping momentum across the atmosphere. This track delivers a more brooding and powerful formation. Watertown Carps develop this expressive environment filled with this sonic richness resonating from the cutting yet warming guitar tone, the carefully distorted notes add to the reflective ambiance crafted and maintained. This track dynamically offers a more rebellious nature from the outfit.  

Just over mid-way, the album arrives at “The Fisher King“, from the moment the intricate acoustic guitar notes fuse with the soaring yet comforting harmonica sound, we understand immediately that we are about to embark on an undeniably immersive listening experience. A blissful sun-soaked country-inspired sound laced with a more darker, intensive if not intrusive lyrics portrayed with this heartfelt delicate delivery. The raw lyrics find this expressive influence amongst the vibrant harmony created from the zealous combination of consuming textures that balance out the dark with the light. This simplicity burns from the intimacy of this creation which just amplifies the expressive notes, making this a truly touching ensemble. The water theme from the title to the film all assists with the cascading motion that washes over the audience, trickling this emotional theme to new depths and resonating lyrical path.

Elsewhere on the album tracks such as “No More Crying” and “Time Steals Away” showcases this band’s creative collision of slow, intimate, and harrowing tracks to a more upbeat effort. All of which deeply personal and delivering this innovative journey, one so raw and the other delivered with this clear crisp contrast. Finally, the album ends on the triumphant creation “Mermaids“, this utterly moving and atmospherical ensemble.

In All, “Mermaids” offers up this immersive 10 track record filled with gentle beauty and countless hooks. This wholesome charm cascades across each track formation and exudes from the vocal harmonies and raw lyrics. A record awash with some of the most compelling songwriting efforts and laced with this cutting emotion. The collaborative effort from the musicians captures this sense of yearning in their outlook. When the album ends you will find yourself longing to be in the midst of the charmful record.

Watertown Carps can identify themselves as artists who capture a wealth of intelligent, imaginative, and meaningful musical explorations.

Twitter: @CarpsWatertown

Instagram: @watertowncarps


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