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Talk Show Release New Single “Underworld”

September 21, 2021
Talk Show | Photo credit: Stewart Baxter

TALK SHOW Share New Single “Underworld”

Produced by Joe Goddard and Al Doyle

Talk Show share their brand-new single, “Underworld”.

Since their debut single “Fast and Loud” for YALA! Records, Talk Show have gone on to show us with blistering proficiency the scope of their ambition and the development of their sound with each following release. From the raw and rousing urban punk Gothicism of their earlier output, to the explosive techno collaboration with DJ and producer Eli Brown earlier in the spring, Talk Show set themselves no boundaries as to where their sound can go. With new single “Underworld”, on which they join forces with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Al Doyle on production, they continue to push themselves socially and artistically. The resulting single thrums with late-night intensity, electronic squalls, pursuing a violent tension and release to its conclusion. Lead singer and guitarist Harrison Swann comments on the single:

“This was the first of the “new batch” we started with. It’s our own ‘Born Slippy’. Finding a groove and locking into it collectively really shaped the way we approached the other tracks. Rhythm first. Vocals and guitars second. Stemming from the thumping techno drum beat and lots of noisy rhythms, this track’s a high energy intro to the new EP and a statement of intent.

Working with Joe and Al was a dream and really helped to achieve the sounds and ideas we had in our heads, that we were probably pretty bad at articulating. For us it was fundamentally about stretching the Talk Show sound and seeing where we could go. I think their “anything goes” approach certainly helped our confidence grow in terms of experimenting with sounds, arrangements and mixes, not once would they say that trying anything was a bad idea, or that it might not work, it was a case of going for, seeing what happened when that particular instrument or thing was in our hands, and seeing if we could make something work for that track, and in most cases it did! Don’t get me wrong it’s still gonna sound like us, we’ve not sacked off guitars and cracked out the glockenspiels. It just sounds like a better version of us. We worked harder than we ever have done before and that’s made a big difference.”

Immediately this course, brutal world engulfs you, transports you into the center of its angular, dystopian universe. The crucial textures and biting bass beat intensify and the moment the vocals come into focus the audience can agree there’s no other ambiance you want to submerge yourself in more.

Talk Show creates this mammoth world of expressive instrumentation layering up this powerful atmosphere, each musician manages to get their limelight in these impressive transitions. The tone of the ensemble adds this complex depth to the overall ensemble. The fierce vocal notes and the brooding and obscure intense instrumentation. Unpredictable, angular, and merciless- another Talk Show masterpiece that will blow you away. A world filled with commendable hypnotic notions and this raw track consistently showcasing this expressive and immersive power. It’s unruly and intoxicating.

“Underworld” is taken from upcoming new EP Touch The Ground, also produced by Joe Goddard and Al Doyle, which will see its release in 2022.

Upcoming UK headline tour dates and festival appearances.

Tickets and info over talkshow.band.

Sept 18 – Wide Eyed, Leicester, UK
Sept 25 – Reeperbahn, Hamburg, DE
Sept 29 – Louisiana, Bristol, UK
Sept 30 – Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
Oct 01 – Lafayette, London, UK
Oct 04 Bodega, Nottingham, UK
Oct 05 – Headrow House, Leeds, UK
Oct 06 – Nice and Sleazy, Glasgow, UK
Oct 07 – Underground, Newcastle, UK
Oct 09 – Phase One, Liverpool, UK
Oct 11 – Yes, Manchester, UK
Oct 12 – Heartbreakers, Southampton, UK
Oct 16 – Wild Paths, Norwich, UK
Oct 23 – Hit The North, Newcastle, UK
Oct 30 – London Calling, Amsterdam, NL
Nov 16 – Pitchfork Avant Garde, Paris, FR
Nov 23 – O2 Academy, Bristol, UK (supporting Sports Team)
Dec 11 – Sonic Wave Festival, Birmingham, UK


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