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Silver Releases New Single “Fools Gold” Out Now via Dowd Records | Single Feature

September 3, 2021

Silver Releases New Single “Fools Gold” Out Now via Dowd Records

Dowd Records introduced us to Silver at the start of 2021 and from our first listen and introduction to the artist, Silver and her impressive songwriting abilities simply blew us away.

2021 is the year of Silver and we can’t stress enough the talents of this commendable musician. In June of this year, Dowd Records released Silver’s double A-side “Air Light”. Now Silver has released her second track “Fools Gold”

Fools Gold” is the B-side to the recent 7″ single release that we are honored to have welcomed to our store at the start of summer, this is the second track that Silver has released this year and equally just as beautiful as the magnificent “Air Light”.

Fools Gold” captures this wide range of emotion emitting from Silver’s expressive vocal harmonies that meander through these wild peaks throughout the intricate ensemble. Delicate rhythms and immersive passages consume the audience on this reflective piece. The intimate lyrics assist to build this clear visionary image for this ensemble where Silver has created this heart-wrenching movement throughout.

As the exploration flows with such ease, the intensity starts to heighten mid-way, the tempo accelerates and showcases the flawless transition to fuse the sudden power into the harmonic creation. The power adds this immense value to the emotions oozing from the artist and captured within the tones. As the vocal notes intensify and glide amongst the powerful flurry of the instrumentation, the audience clearly understands the importance of the dramatic highs and calmer lows throughout the arrangement. The vivid arrangement manages to capture this truly passionate influence, lacing every note, tone, and hook. The passion grows as the release flows and the energy is simply compelling.

Silver effortlessly captures the audiences’ attention from the first note and takes them on this personal journey throughout, the raw vocal tones guide the affection and add this level of complexity into the creation, the verses and chorus resonate such honesty and provide this compelling trait. The audience simply fixated on the words and the direction of this courageous odyssey that Silver has sculpted.

As we’ve stated before and clearly present within the new track, Silver’s intimate lyrical path allows this visionary aspect to come alive. We embrace those stunning vocal tones and can easily picture the lyrics which are building this story that ignites as the exploration continues, that story is one any audience can connect with. Silver is a remarkable wordsmith but the talent found in this musician is the flawless ability to ooze charm and rich emotions that are present throughout her vocal harmonies and broad range. Adapting the intensity by creating this standout single that can resonate with so many. 

This is an artist with this sublime range of talent, an artist channeling all of this emotion to connect and change their audience and their mood. Creating these truly remarkable ensembles that embrace this adventurous course and channel such sentiment at its core.

“Fools Gold” can be found on all streaming services from today, September 3rd. Fools Gold is available now on limited edition red vinyl here: http://bit.ly/DowdStore or pick up the one last copy remaining at our store.



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