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Sabiyha & Drew Jodi Share Cover of ‘Passionfruit’

September 18, 2021



Sabiyha and frequent collaborator Drew Jodi have shared their cover of ‘Passionfruit’. The release follows a string of solo singles from the Croydon-based pair, and the first live show since their 2020 debuts at The Queens Head Islington for Jess Iszatt’s ‘The Lounge’.

The audience finds themselves engrossed by the array of crisp textures which emerge immediately. This delicate array of mighty textures adorn this intimate soundscape, the pair sculpt this innovative ambiance filled with warmth and this gentle beat. Intricate layers form and led to the alluring partnership of moving harmonies and this wealth of emotion in the contrasting vocal tones. Sabiyha and Drew Jodi have this flawless energy and commitment, together their energy oozes such appeal throughout this track. They work with ease off one another and their uniting harmonies collide to offer character and far-reaching melodies. The collaboration elevates any listener and moves them into the depth of this atmospherical arrangement, embracing the sweeping tones and delicate chimes.

A refective and sincere piece which draws focus on the raw power from the two artists. As always, Sabiyha cleverly captures intimacy within all of her work, weaving in this level of home within their vision, layers of reality lace this expansive ambiance. The attention to detail within this formation is something else, you’ll be hypnotized by the magnificence.

Since her debut in 2020, Sabiyha has dropped 5 tracks and gained the support of R1 IntroducingJack SaundersJess IszattThe GuardianIggy Pop and 6 Music amongst others. Alongside consistent co-writing and co-production support, Drew Jodi has engineered sessions for the likes of Stormzy, Little Sims and Celeste, and released two singles of his own this year – backed by BBC Introducing, Clash and The Line Of Best Fit.

Sabiyha and Drew Jodi met by chance ten years ago, bonding immediately over their enthusiasm for writing and performing. The next decade was spent sneaking into the various studios Drew worked at; sofa-surfing, living off Pot Noodles and honing their craft until the early hours. Their first official co-write came in the form of Sabiyha’s most recent single, Undone, which earned the pair support from Nadine Shah & Steve Lamacq on 6 Music, as well as spins on R1’s Future Artists. The pair have since dived into the world of pop/RnB together, drawing on Sabiyha’s Guyanese heritage and Drew’s experience in several of London’s top studios.

On how the cover came to fruition, Sabiyha reflects; “This was the product of a late session with myself and Drew, fuelled ever so slightly by Captain Morgans… We’d been wanting to do a cover for a while and after listening to ‘Passionfruit’, we realised it would make a really great duet. We both felt pretty inspired, so Drew started on the beat and it was an instant vibe.” Drew continues, “I remember my Galaxy projector was the only light on in the room, so I started chopping together a super chilled drum pattern to fit the mood. I don’t like to get too intricate with beat making when the feeling is already there – I just manipulated a few samples, played some synth and we started passing the mic back and forth. We had the basis of the cover done that night, then we took it to Sour Sync, our other main collaborator, and he worked his magic adding beautiful production flair. He killed it with this one.”




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