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Papur Wal Share Video for ‘Brychni Haul’ – Debut Album ‘Amser Mynd Adra’ (Time To Go Home) due 8th October via Libertino Records

September 29, 2021
Photo credit: Sam Stevens


Share video for ‘Brychni Haul’

Debut album ‘Amser Mynd Adra’ (Time To Go Home)
due 8th October via Libertino Records

Cardiff slacker pop trio Papur Wal have shared the new video for ‘Brychni Haul’, the third single taken from their debut album Amser Mynd Adra (Time To Go Home), due 8th October via Libertino Records.

Originally hailing from North Wales, the band fully formed in Cardiff in 2017 when Ianto (Vocals / Guitar), Gwion (Vocals / Bass) and Guto (Vocals / Drums) arrived as stowaways on the capital city’s streets. Driven to follow their creativity via their native language, Papur Wal combine fearless slacker influences and infectious power pop melodies into a beautifully raw musical mosaic.

Latest track ‘Brychni Haul’, which translates as ‘Freckles’ in English, is an early-Beatles infused ditty written in the late-summer of 2020 which serves to remind the listener that “No matter how bad it can get, you’re often having a better time than others and you should be counting your blessings for that,” says the band.

They continue: “It was an odd time for us, life was seemingly getting back to some degree of normality, so we moved out from under each other’s feet and in with our girlfriends. This marked a kind of maturity, but it also came with a lot of difficulty and required plenty of adaptation. I attempted to try and write more prolifically about observing and reflecting upon the things that were happening in the here and now.”

Papur Wal delivers another ensemble that showcases this mighty range the band contributes. A new single a world away from their previous release yet still keeping their dynamic workmanship and all-consuming energy. At just shy of 2 minutes, Papur Wal set the scene for this atmospherical ensemble, dreamy vocal notes and stunning dual harmonies sit amongst this calming current of celebrated drum shuffles and this gentle tempo. This harmonic rhythm cascades into the journey and adds this immersive vibe to the vision.

This trio finds themselves days away from releasing their debut album and fans will soon rejoice and embrace their record in all its glory, there really is something so special and unique about this band. The new release once again oozes this essential affection,  Papur Wal captures an alluring melody and air of melancholy within their ensemble, the grainy ambiance within their soundscape accentuates the outfit’s countless crafty hooks within their music and offers this warmth that the audience can find comfort within. Papur Wal allows this DIY and raw aesthetic to push through within their recording efforts.

Live dates:

3rd October – Libertino Stage, The Laugharne Weekend
9th October – Focus Wales 
23rd October – Swansea Fringe


1. Rhwng Dau Feddwl (In Two Minds)
2. Arthur
3. Meddwl am Hi (Thinking About Her)
4. Andrea a Fi (Andrea and I)
5. Haul Chwefror (February Sun)
6. Brychni Haul (Freckles)
7. Penblwydd Hapus (Happy Birthday)
8. Llyn Llawenydd (Lake Happiness)
9. Nôl ac yn ôl ac yn ôl (Backwards and Backwards and Backwards)
10. Anifeiliaid Anwes (Fi Efo Hi) (Pets)



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