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ONETWOTHREE Share New Single/Video “Give Paw” Taken From Debut Album Out 15th October via Kill Rock Stars

September 27, 2021

ONETWOTHREE (ex Kleenex/LiLiPUT) share new single/video “Give Paw”

Debut album, ONETWOTHREE
15th October on Kill Rock Stars

ONETWOTHREE are releasing their self-titled debut album on 15th October on Kill Rock Stars.  The new band features three bassists of the late-’70s/early-’80s Swiss punk scene; Klaudia Schifferle of Kleenex / LiLiPUT,  Madlaina Peer of the Noknows and Sara Schär, who was singer for TNT and Souldawn, and bassist for The Kick. 

The band announced the album last month wih the twitchy poppy single, “Perfect Illusions.” Now they share their second single “Give Paw”.  A searing synthesizer comes at us in a threatening way which tempts us with its hooks and barbs. The chanted, repeated chorus is an order and command that comes from the oppressors which they angrily satirize: “Give paw/obey/do as I say!”  But to lighten the mood, the trio share a tagline that would make a keen bumper sticker: “great tits for great trips” is as good as a traveling slogan as you’re bound to hear!

This punchy, almost piercing tone comes into play immediately and that tone is elevated by the gallant bass notes capturing this insane structure which becomes the backbone to the fierce release. A raw yet flirtatious ensemble with this intoxicating vibe and immersive vocal notes that dominantly add this mighty affection and power into the creation. An infectious atmosphere that leaves this lasting impression.

ONETWOTHREE’s first album doesn’t have a name but that’s just as it should be for a band that’s deceptively simple, mysterious and yet somehow familiar. Three women bassists/singers from classic Swiss post-punk bands dot their insistent, minimal music with drum patterns, synths, chants, commands and joyous wordplay with their sometimes cynical, sometimes sensual take on leisure and consumer culture.  The group is appropriately DIY, self-contained and self-produced – their debut was written and played almost entirely by themselves.  

In September 2018, after years of toying with the idea, Peer, Schär and Schifferle decided to pool their resources and hatched the audacious idea for a band made up of three bassists, and thus ONETWOTHREE was born. The child-like name of the band reflects the lively spirit and exuberance of the group, whose triple-bass approach creates sinuous grooves and a minimal, potent sound, using drum patterns and bits of synth and guitar. 

ONETWOTHREE sport an impressive heritage but they’re also creating something that’s unique and proudly their own – spooky, danceable, subtle, compelling music for a post-pandemic world.

Pre-order album link –


1. Perfect Illusions
2. Give Paw
3. Jamais
4. Buy Buy
5. Oh Boy
6. Sudden
7. Adventure
8. Clouds
9. Fake
10. Bubble
11. Things

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